Thursday, May 01, 2008

thursday, thursday

yep the weather is a changing'.
it's humid and getting nasty warm.
i hate summer but love the summer afternoons.

nothing much going on other then the same old rat race.

i am going crop with a friend Friday night and hope to get my scrapping mojo back, and Saturday dad's coming through town.

i really want to go ahead and make plans for the august scrapfest in san antonio but i doubt i will be able to make it, but i will turn my focus to a march 2009 crop here in town.

i hope to get alot of ladies here in town one weekend in march and feed them till the pop.
and i think i will have a secret person comming.....hummm, makes ya wonder huh?

any way have a great weekend.


Leslie said...

hope you get your scrap on good! have fun.

Patti H said...

okay who is your secret person! I am not coming if there are any secrets!!!

Cassandra said...

You *have* to come to scrapfest. So many of us really enjoy your "unique" personality!