Thursday, April 30, 2009

thursday, end of the month

i love the end of a month...getting work done and keeping busy.

i completed my circle journal and will be mailing to Kacomi today... i love doing circle journals.
so much fun to work on different books and the themes on this round look like they will be a blast to work on!

still waiting on my attorney to call me back to work on the judgement case...talked with Fred last night and we would be willing to settle for less then owed, but we will have to see what the DORK wants to do.

Lucky and Tabby will be spending the weekend out side. poor babies. i did not want to leave them in the house over the weekend with out no one being home. we converted cookie pen into a kitty friendly environment..i think they will enjoy the fresh air and the noises...

heading to Houston Friday afternoon to visit with dad and family. i hope the weather is nice and we can do some out door things...worried about the swine flu? just a little.

i started working on my coonfest album...i think it will turn out great...i miss my friends that came last month...really miss them.

okay, i gotta get to work, close tickets and head to the post office to mail a few boxes...
Carrie if you read this, you will have mail in a few days time.

i will check in later, if the atty. calls

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

turning of the tides?

sleepless night, emotional wreckage....

well, my a/c compressor on my car went out yesterday, which is binding up the driving of my car....sent it to the service department and holy cow! little less then $450.00!

so i called and asked if there was any aftermarket parts that would work....EUREKA! 300.00!
and i worked out a deal to pay the tech. cash for the labor....and my mom said she would handle the parts side of it! (i need to get her a huge mothers day gift!)

then this morning, GET THIS! one of the idiots that dealt with the house moving chaos of 2006, called me. he wants to negotiate the judgment i have against him...i called my attorney and i am waiting to here back on how i go about this...

i am starting to have a different outlook on life...
life is too short for games, i have learned a huge lesson from this...one i will never forget.
life is about being humble, but not letting people walk all over you.
life is too short for things that bother you, move past it and always look for the silver lining...

another thing: never take friends for granted, they love you and they care for you.

quote of the day

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened~~Dr. Seuss

Monday, April 20, 2009

what a weekend...

well... it rained all night friday night and all day saturday...
about a week ago, a teacher at lauren school told lauren that she had some kittens that needed a good home. well, fred and lauren ran into her at the store this past week. she told lauren she saved her a black cat and they would soon be ready for their home...well, we decided to get two kittens, to save the lose of sleep and two kitties are better then one, know what i mean?
so saturday afternoon, the call came in, the kittens are ready.... we were scheduled to pick up the kittens sunday after church...
well, our buddies called and wanted to get together to play cards and eat some good ole' soup.
sunday we got the kittens and they are so cute and good with the litter box and just fun to play with....the black one is "lucky" and the tabby colored one, is "tabby"....
lauren and fred returned to school and work today.
see ya later

Thursday, April 16, 2009

big update

wow!! poor little blog, neglected and almost forgotten.

were to start? well, Easter was great...my dad and the Houston clan came in on Saturday.
dad cooked some AWESOME burgers and the kids had a great time. i enjoyed the visit and getting to know Elliott more, what a cute baby.
Easter Sunday: went to church, i was finally able to wear that cute brown pink polka dot dress Fred got me a few months ago...church let out early and we headed home to start the cooking.
Fred's family showed up on time! WOW! it was nice to visit and again i ate way too much!

Monday: Fred called me at work to let me know that his brother and family would be moving back to Louisiana...shocker! but i am blessed...really blessed, Fred and i were able to afford and move out of the old house and that leaves a place open for them to move in to...
they came in on Tuesday and dropped off the horses. they will return for good on may 1st.

i am looking forward to a visit to Houston on the first weekend in may and seeing the zoo or what ever plans dad has for our visit...
that's about it, nothing too crazy..just enjoying the calmness of life and being able to work in the yard finally

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

mid week blues

russell finally installed the z-line yesterday...LAUREN loved it! me, not so much.

well, lauren has started her state testing today....she was a tad pissed when we made her go to bed at 8:30 last night....and i can see another fit tonight and tomarrow night! she hates to miss hannah montana...

i am so bored at work, the phone doesn't ring, no one comes by for estimates any more...i hate this economy....and why is gas going back up????