Monday, May 26, 2008

poor cookie-wookie

poor little man.
cookie was playing under Lauren's trampoline saturday afternoon
and i heard him barking and looking under the trampoline.
i figured he was barking at the pad straps that were hanging down.
but he was barking at a WASP nest.
i got up to go see right before the wasp came down and STUNG him not once but twice.
once on each side of his nose.
with in an hour his nose was swollen.
i washed it off and looked for the sing sites but found nothing.
i checked on him sunday morning and the swelling was way down.

now just to get him to learn from this.....


Patti H said...

Lori LOVE this photo!! You have to scrap it!! Poor puppers!!

Mona said...

Ouch!! poor Cookie!! But a great picture!

Cassandra said...

Oh poor baby! DId you ask Brenda if you could give him Benedryl? He really is a cutie!

KKstock said...

OH that poor sweet baby, but man is that little Cookie cute as heck!