Tuesday, March 25, 2008

layouts posted


on my gallery blog.

i am not done with all my cali pictures and still have to journal on some, but i love it.

and a few of fred and lauren

Monday, March 24, 2008


i "so" love monday's.

so easter has come and gone.
can you believe i did not even pull out the camera this weekend?

lauren got lots of chocolate and little things.

medical news: i am feeling a little better. the med's are still kicking my butt , only 7-8 more days.

i wish you all had a great Easter day!

have a great week if i don't update again this week.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

wed. updates

still hurting. still mad at the flipping doctor.

but i am looking ahead to Easter with friends and family.

i have been thinking about my board problems:

1. you are never going to get along with EVERYONE. i just need to accept those that i don't get along with and move on. who knows one day we might need each other.

there was more thoughts but , i started day dreaming....

see ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

tuesday update

i still hurt like heck. just waiting on blood and urine test to come back.

i am do with message board life. i am leaving a home that i have had for 3 years and looking for an apartment. LMAO.

after all these years i have made wonderful friends and buddies i will love forever.

i will be posting my layouts on my loricre8's blog while i look for a new place.

i will miss scrapjazz, i will miss my friends, but enough is enough and a new page in life is about to be turned.
this is is no flipping back.

SJ is a great place. but we are no devils like another blogger from SJ said the other day. that was so silly.

even tho we have are fights and hair flips there is a reason we love SJ, it's home.

i love you guys, but i really need to get back to life. not that it was taken away from but YKWIM...

i will be here, CENTER STAGE

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

tuesday thoughts

1. i hate the on come of spring. the muggy weather and knowing that the hot summer is but a month away.
2. looking forward to Lori coming over to the house Friday night.
3. i need to stay away from SJ, too addicted.
4. i wonder what terry is doing right now? she just popped in my head.
5. wonder if i can sneak in to lauren's room saturday and clean it up. possible throw some junk out?
6. i am hoping fred get released to go back to work this week.
7. i need to eat that cream cheese in the ice box...before it goes bad.
8. wonder if it's warm in florida?
9. getting excited about the trip in may to WDW.
10. and so EXCITED lauren is sleeping in her own bed! WOO HOO! side note: her bed is in our bedroom...

Monday, March 10, 2008

naked sheep

poor sheep. i saw this on flicker and thought how cute.