Monday, June 30, 2008

i forgot

yesterday while in church , we celebrated the 4Th of July early.

they had a skit of the country's history, it was really cool to go from beginning to now.

then the video.

over the past years i have always kept September 11, 2001 close to my heart and soul.
the video showed the plane crashing in to the towers. i broke. seeing that moment totally rushed all the bad memories back in to my head. the plane, then the next plane. the falling of the towers , the pentagon, the field in Pennsylvania, the calls to family members...

today i am going over those visions in my head... i know the world is not fair, but you really have to think about what the plan is....

other then that, it was a good weekend. me and F talked and actually L was in a good mood this weekend. me and her spent some good time together and talked.
she is only 6, but she knows right from wrong and it's nice to be able to talk to your children about things.

today is the end of the month at work, that's gonna keep me busy for the day...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

this is gonna be long and deep

i got married at 18, yes a lot of people said your too young to get married.
yeah, at the time i thought all those people were stupid for saying that.
At 18 your an adult, and you can vote, drink and do adult things, but now i see
the point in what they were saying.

i went from home with mom to married in less then two months. no time on my own.
no time to see things in the world that i had a chance in seeing with my own eyes.

i have always had one or two good friends. but when i married it was all about his friends, mine fell to the way side and i did not try to keep in contact. which was a good idea, because now they are all either divorce and remarried to scums or single and drug addicts.

once married we could have gone out on vacations to see things and we did a few times.
but now with a kid there is not time to do things by our selves. which i understand completely.
she needs attention and to be taken care of.

but my point in this is i now have friends that i love spending time with. they make me feel good about being me. they are there when i need them to be. "F" is too, but in his eyes "L" comes first.

i want to shout" WHAT ABOUT ME?" what about the things i want to do?
what about a weekend away from all that drives me nuts?

we spent a full week with the "family" in disney which was nice and relaxing to a degree.
the following weekend was fathers day weekend , which we spent with the "family" again.
and now this weekend, again with the "family". honestly, why so much "family time"?

i want to do things this summer and i guess i made the mistake to ASK for permission.
i should have said "I am going". i was shot down with the reply that "what about our familt vacation"?

no once have i ever said no you can not go to this and that with so and so.....not once.
he needs a hobby. and no, "L" is not a hobby.

this entry is crazy....from point to point. but it's out there.

i know a marriage is a two way street, but i am going the wrong way on a one way street.
it's give and take, but i give everyday the best i can, but i want to take things too.

spoiled? brat? nope i don't think so.

i need to talk more to "F" and let him know what i think.

i do not mind spending "family" time with them but every weekend or every other weekend is enough.

so in five weeks, i will be at home watching tv or cleaning the house or doing something to kill the time, when i could be enjoying my hobby life with friends.

that sounds selfish.

and to close, dad i will call you later in the week. i really do not feel like talking right now.

why did i ever get into scrapbooking? it's taken over my life

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Louisiana politics at it's best


you vote for a Governor that makes a promise, not the idiot back peddles....

you would think that with blanco out, we would have a clean slate to start fresh. but with bobby in office, he has none nothing, and if he does not VETO that bill on his desk, i think a revolt will occur.

i did my part and emailed and called the state......the lines were busy for two days, but i was able to voice my concerns.

bobby: your committing a one term suicide if you do not veto that bill, i will forever change my standing with the Republican party and it will be your doing, stand up , take charge, grow balls and veto that bill.

Monday, June 16, 2008

ok weekend

went to SIL's house saturday and swam and ate for father's day.

my step sister got married saturday night in texas, wish i could have gone, but i will see them soon.

sunday went to church and chilled out, i did manage to get a few layouts done of disney and the cricut kicked my butt. trying to cut all that disney stuff will kill me before it's over...

i hope this week passes fast. no plans this weekend, but i miss my sleep

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

day 6 (epcot)

wednesday june 4, 2008


or as betty would say ed's cock. i tell ya that woman is crazy and she was saying it loud in public.

have you ever woken up in the morning and still felt tired? that was today...

got to epcot and went and watched honey i shrunk the audience. that was funny, lauren kinda freaked when the snake came out....

then off to our trip around the world.

canada, france, JAPAN....i found a new love! plum wine. i paid 6.99 for a Small sake glass of wine and it was FABULOUS!!!!!!

germany, becks beer, really good stuff, then off to china. me and lauren ate lunch there and you know what more beer....good stuff on a hot day.

mexico, fred ate there and then we went to ride the three caballeros ride.

back to main epcot and we wanted to ride soarin' but it was getting late and fast pass was for 7:30 and it was only 4:00. so we went to ride the finding nemo ride and headed back to the hotel, took a nap...oh that was wonderful, then swam in the pool.

disney trip day 5 (animal kingdom)

tuesday may 6, 2008


once there we all made a bee line to expedition Everest.

now that was cool! dad called while we were waiting in line...nice to talk to him.

did i say it was hot? Florida is hot in june did you know that?

anyway we rode DINO saur. i think that how they spelt it? that was neat too. we split up and we went to eat in asia of course chinse food! yeah.

we then went to wait for the train to go to nature watch, the train never showed after 45 minutes so we went to go to the walking trail, nice cool!

we listened to some african folk music, loved that too.

then met up with the rest of the family to go on the safari.

it started to rain and all the others left. fred lauren and i went to watch it's tough being a bug.
that was great, lauren got a kick out of that.

we all had dinner at the hotel and went to the lighted night parade at magic kingdom.

just watching the castle turn colors was magical

disney trip (day 4) hollywood studios

monday june 2, 2008
Hollywood studios

i really enjoyed this park. Lauren did too.

first off we went and rode STAR TOURS.

Lauren loved it. she was still afraid it was going to be like space mountain, but she loved it.

after that we went and saw Muppet's 3-d. it was so 80's but good. when we were walking out, OMG buzz and woody were standing right there. cool beans!

we had a quick lunch and went to the other side of the park, ran in to SIL and BIL. Fred went with them to ride tower of terror. no way they are gonna get my ass on that. so i called mom and checked on cookie.

well Fred loved the ride....what ever , just hearing the screams freaked me out.

so i went and rode rockin roller coaster with fred, andy , shane and savannah.

TOTALLY WICKED! 0-60 in 2.5 seconds total darkness except the black lit signs. jamming away to aerosmith tunes. that rocked.

okay they talked me into riding tower of terror....the fear that overcome me once in the shaft was so crazy. never if we ever go back to WDW i will never ride that again.

so after prying my hands from the bars in that elevator shaft, me, lauren and savannah went to ride star tours for the 2nd time. lauren would not shut up telling savannah all about the ride, during the ride. i have a feeling when lauren grows up she will be one of the star wars nerds.

we grabbed a bite to eat and it was time to go, but lauren was upset....why? well she wanted to ride star tours again, so off me and her go. NUMBER 3 ride of the day.....

disney trip (day 3) magic kingdom

Sunday may 1, 2008

off to magic kingdom!

the castle was BEAUTIFUL! much smaller in person, but very nice.

we saw chip and dale and Pluto in the front square and decided to wait, the line was long.

i saw Mary Poppins outta the corner of my eye and thought we could catch her on the way back.

bad move , we never saw Mary again.

we went up to the castle and saw the show and headed to tomorrow land. Lauren's first character meet was Cinderella's wicked step mom and those two sorry sisters.

we rode the cars on the race track and then off to space mountain.

i had no idea it was gonna be like that. Lauren freaked the whole ride.

but she made it Thur just fine. then we rode the teacups.

OMG! talk about sick, Lauren started turning green. but once off we saw pooh and tigger and Darby.

we ate lunch and went to "it's a small world" , if i ever hear that song again i will puke. over and over and over again....

we went to ride pirates of the Caribbean. now that we cool! great effects. we rode the old paddle boat and then mike's laugh floor, that was so cute, i love monsters, INC.

then i met chip and dale.....Lauren was tired of taking pictures, but i love chip and dale, so i did the autograph thing and picture.

the disney trip ( day 1 and 2 )

Friday may 30, 2008

started the day with cinnamon rolls and some sponge bob.

got the car loaded and left the house around noon.

we were making great time, but we needed to rest a bit, stopped in Gonzales to eat at Cracker Barrel.

got to new Orleans around 3:15.

checked in and rode across the street to the airport to check in at the delta counter.

took Lauren to swim in the pool and it was nice to sit, relax and enjoy the setting sun. i called mom and told her i feed cookie before we left. Later that night we went to eat at the hotel restaurant. LONG wait...but it was good, yummy. off to bed at 11:00, we gotta wake up early.

saturday may 31, 2008

well, Mr. NERVOUS was up at 5:45. i stayed in bed till 6:15. we met MIL and FIL down stairs for breakfast at 7:00. the rest of the Clan showed up at 8:00. i went to park my car in the extended lot and unpack the bags.

i felt burning on my legs, holy shit, ANTS . not just a few but millions of those little bastards. i utterly had to undress right there to get them all off.

got loaded up and off to the airport, too early.

once on the plane lauren was in awe. then her ears started hurting, but she fell asleep. glad we packed the ear meds. got to orlando and it was a rat race to get to the disney express counter. too many chiefs.

i found it and got us all checked in.


got checked into the hotel and then off to the gift store, had to get lauren her goofy hat.

we ate at the food court and then took the bus to downtown disney.

Monday, June 09, 2008

just for stacy

just for you ubergobber.....

one hell of a picture....it was H O T and i was tipsy....

i am back

i will be loading pictures and story lines as soon as i catch up at work.....

so glad to be home
EDIT: LOOK AT THE TOP RIGHT CORNER FOR disney flickr photos....
that is a link to some of the photos....