Wednesday, May 31, 2006

((hugs)) today

Everyone needs hugs from now and then

((hugs)) to:
carrie, i have learned something about you and hugs needed.
christy, for being my best buddy...cheesie i know, but true.
oscar: for your wisdom and inspiration.
auntie : for the laughs and mind games...lol
ashley: for you and your family....((clayton))
for all you ladies wanting babies...hugs and prayers!
for all the mothers that work full time and fill guilty.
and for everyone that needs some love!
for Rainne: in stopping the habit...
for Rhonda: ((hugs)) b/c of crazy dh...

Monday, May 29, 2006

7 deadly sins.......

thanks to NEEN for the jump start.

Which of your attributes or talents are you most proud of?
i am a hard working mother and wife. i support my family.

What brings out the green-eyed monster of jealousy in you?
i would have to say all the SAHM's. to do that would be a dream come true.

What’s your idea of relaxation?
to scrap and not care about the time.

Who do you lust after?
i would have to say my Freddie poo. the lust is there! because we are both so busy and have no time to our selves

What was your last budget blow out on?
scrapbooking supplies. i collect them...lol

What gets your blood boiling?
people that put me down and racism.

What’s your favourite food?
chinese. i can eat it everyday...

thanks NEEN for the starter....

Friday, May 26, 2006

Rough week.

wow, i can not wait for this week to be over.

my father-in-law was brought to the ER wednesday for chest pains. had a minor heart attack. but he is home now and is doing fine. thank God for answered prayers....

now my dad is not doing so well. he was sent to the ER with kidney stones. He called and said that he is feeling better today.

we were planning on going to visit my dad this weekend in houston, but i think we might just wait tell he is feeling better.
****HOUSE NEWS****

so right now in my world i finally have the survey on the land and i am still waiting on the house movers to call back!
i hate it that they will not call me back.... i will leave another message.

that's it in a nut shell.

sorry that my post have been far and few between.
but, life must go on.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ashley s and dirttrachick's tags.....

well, this is fun.......

4 jobs that i have had...
1. telemarketing (please have mercy one me)
2. retail stores in a mall ( Libby glass & fieldcrest cannon)
3. my now job ( working for a Ford dealers body shop)
4. a mother to my baby Lauren

4 movies i could watch again...
1. top gun
2. giant
3.good fellas
4. raising arizona

4 places that i have lived...
1. louisiana

that's it.....lol

4 favorite t.v. shows...
1. deadliest catch
2. foster's home for imaginary friends (lol)
3. iron chef ( the real one)
4. cnn headline news

4 places i have vacationed...
1.las vegas (honeymoon)
2. colorado
3. new mexico
4. texas

4 websites i visit daily...
1. scrapjazz
2. noaa
3. fmcdealer
4. blogs

4 favorite foods...
1. chinese
2. cherry coke ( yes ashley it's a type of food)
3. lemon cake
4. did i say chinese????

4 places i would rather be right now...
1. somewhere cold
2. home in bed
3. the rockys
4. visiting christy in florida

4 names of your children you may/or not have...
1. Lauren Elizabeth
2. wyatt morgan ( wish)
3. sylvester grant (wish)
4. Geoffrey Jackson (wish)

and there you go i tag............bluelilo....have fun!

something is wrong here..

for you ladies looking for my tag...i can not see my blog (view it). in fact i can not view anyone elses. so for the time being and i am going to try to fix my problems here....i hope that i do not have to start from scratch....take care in the blog world...and i hope i can fix my blog problem...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

5 years ago today!

I was 3 months pregers with Lauren. Very happy with my life and on top of the world.
I had went to the Doctor the week before for a PAP. I was at work and the phone rang and it was my Dr. Telling me that the PAP came back abnormal and that I would have to go and see him that week. Well, I was tripping out.

you see, a little back ground: I got married at 18 and that was the first time I had went to the gynecologist. And I did not return to see him till I was pregers.
that makes it a 8 year span with no check ups.

so I went to see the doctor and he told me that my cervix was showing abnormal cells. So I had my first biopsy in his office and the results showed to be at the stage of 3 carcinoma not too bad but still worried, then he scheduled me to go to baton rouge to have another doctor see me. WOW!
so I went to Baton Rouge to see another doctor had a small biopsy and the stage went up to 4.
I was so freaking out. So he schedule me to enter the hospital and have a major removal of about 25% of the tissue of me cervix.

I have the surgery at 5 months pregers and I had Lauren at 38 weeks via c-section.

I have been going to the doctor every 3 months and no sign of the cancer comming back. And then I went to 6 months between visits and now I am graduated to once a year...

Monday, May 15, 2006

I am still here!

What a week.... !
just so i do not become a STALE blogger; Christy!

I had a great Mother's Day. (yesterday)
Fred and Lauren got me a very pretty dress and Lauren got me a pink lacey tanktop. It rained most of the day and we went to visit my Mom and give her our gifts and then we stayed home the rest of the day.

Today Fred is staying home with Lauren so Mi-Mi and Wayne can go to Houston for there medical check-ups.

i wonder if he will cook supper tonight?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Boring day!

I am so bored at work...I have work to do but, I don't fill like doing anything....I need a ME day...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Why? oh why?

ok, so last night i was at walmart waiting in line to check out. normal day at work and i had really no stress. Then while I was waiting for the crazy lady in front of me to get her things and leave i happened to look at the magazine stand... WTH???

ok, sorry for this vent!

Who cares that Richie Sambora is seeing Denise Richards....
Who cares that Jessica and Nick broke up....
Who cares that Kevin wants a divorce from Britney....
I think that it is horrible that the press and the general public have so much time on there hands to worry about these things.
How sad is it that Angelina and Brad had to go to Africa to have their child...SAD!
How sad is it that i now hate Tom Cruise because he is a nut...
( i still love his movies)...

ok, i think i got that rant out of my system... i just hate it that i adore some stars, but why should anyone care about their personal life... they are just like you and me...normal people...

ok have a great weekend....see ya Monday!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My first job

Oh, those where the days!
When I got married to Fred, I was told that he did not want me to work...Well, 6 months in to the marriage, I got my first job...TELEMARKETING!!!
I totally hated it. My boss was an idiot. And he ignored me constantly. I worked from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. Monday thru Friday and 10:00am to 2:00 pm on Saturday.
I had to bother people at home and try to get them to set appointments for my boss to go by there and give them an estimate for vinyl siding for there house....
needless to say I did not last more than 2 months....
but my first check, I blew it on clothes and music. I made $125.00 the first week and if I set 10 or more appointments I would get $50.00. I never did...I so hated that job, the rejection, the headaches...
but, I must say about 5 years later I felt sorry for those telemarketers calling the house, because I was there and I knew they were just trying to make money to feed their families.
Now, I do not do to the fact that I can not understand a freakin work that they say... so I hang up before they can catch their first breath...
now ,I just wishI was able to stay at home and be the little wife... maybe one day I will win the lottery...whatever.

thank's beth for the blog idea for thursday....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

louisiana fruitloop

louisiana fruitloop

i was tagged, by nancyroo!!!!!

in the fridge:
coke blak...yummy
leftover baked chicken stuffed with broc. rice

in the car:
what a mess!!!!
car seat for dd
old cassette tapes
a black shaw
my bible
old sonic bag used as a trash can

in my purse:
addy book
no money
cell phone.

i tag.............auntie cathy!

The first of many....

Well, from a friend at scrappjazz, I took the plunge in bloging...Thanks, Beth!
so this is my first post to my very own blog!
I hope I am responsible enough to keep this.
I guess we will see.