Friday, January 30, 2009

21~ today

awe! look at that little girl!
now 34... happy bithday to me!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

20~ this and that

a birthday card from my houston pal, mona....
i laughed at this mona! thanks a million.

hot cocoa time! this is my pig mug......cute, eh?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

19~ pet peeve

phone etiquette!
if you call me i make it a point during my day to return all voice mails.
now if i call you , i am not calling to chit-chat, i am calling about business. if i leave you a meassage on a monday and you fail to call me back, i will call you back tuesday. If you fail to return my call i will call wednesday. now, with that ....clean out your freaking voice mails dude!
when i call you again, "sorry this mail box is full" ! i hate voice mails....

and a side note, yes sir i am calling you again today, and the next day, and the next day till talk to me or call me back, after three months of this, i will talk to you one day! ALEX!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

18~ fog

totally bites, driving to work on a foggy morning....

Friday, January 23, 2009

day 16~ ode to a friend

every weekday morning i do the same thing;
update my blog and go check out a few message boards that i am a member of.
Yesterday morning, i did just that, updated my blog and headed over to the boards before the start of my day. but, yesterday i was in sadness, a Internet friend passed away, so sudden.
she was a true scrap booking cheerleader. she spent most of her time in the online gallery, commenting on layouts and in the general scrap booking forums and in the stumped scrappers.
she always had a wonderful eye for colors and textures. she enjoyed time in the Games section also, that's where she was mostly in the afternoon.
she had three wonderful children that she adored and loved deeply. a dear husband that we all prayed for that he would find that job he so loved.
you know, my family thinks i am crazy. i go to far off places for less then 48 hours to visit with these online "people". but you know what they are not just "People", they are friends.
the type of friends you can have for a lifetime. the type of friends that kinda love you unconditionally. yes, We fight and the drama starts, but we still rely on one another...
and to think, some of those online friends will be here in march...that's the awesome part.
so to you my FRIEND, janice N. may you rest in peace.
i pray that your children will mourn and rejoice in your life.
may your dear husband find some peace down the road,
God bless you Janice N. you will be missed.
everytime i see Orange, i wil think of you , sweet pal

Thursday, January 22, 2009

day 15 ~ a birthday card

from the most lovely potti h in canada...i love patti's personality, it's just like mine!
thanks potti for the awesome card....

i did not see the "nuts" for about two minutes after i read the card...LMAO!
poor little guy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

day14 your songs

so thanks to lily from down south for a great topic today....what songs do you have on your ipod/MP3? well, mine is a hand me down from fred's neice....it works and i love it...thanks kelsey.

so here is a list of my artist :

wes hutchinson, the afters, the fray, hinder, jessica simpson, switchfoot, fergie, lifehouse,

gavin degraw, nickleback, crossfade, mark knopfler, edwin mccain, goo goo dolls,

justin timberlake, billy ocean, jimi hendrix, abba, fleetwood mac, kansas, heart, eminem,

europe, ike and tine turner, michael jackson, han halen, chris deburgh, paramore, alicia keys,

john denver, ottis redding, survivor, santana, ben e. king, bb king, gloria gaynor, TLC,

don henley, duran duran, del shannon, paul mccartney, the killers, natalie imbrugala,

the black ghost, george michael, ram jam, neil diamond, the charlie daniels band,

whitney houston, tears for fears, cream, elton john, weezer, murray head, johnny cash,

commodores, dolly partin, dean martin, issac hayes, tom jones, rick astley, huey lewis &news,

bobby brown, jim croce, bay city rollers, muse, bon jovi, alanis morisset, dead or alive, AC DC,

def lepard, beyonce, pink, cheap trick, eric johnson, fat domino, frankie valli, guns n roses,

zz top, erasure, rod stewart, steve perry, steve ray, aerosmith, lionel ritchie, hall and oats,

bonnie rait, elvis, wall flowers, carpenters, kenny loggins, pointer sisters, whitesnake, poison,

queen, billy joel, britney spears, irene cara, right said fred.

looking at this list...alittleof this and that...LOL

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

day 13 = %@^%@$%^#$^

yeah, i was a cussing' fool this morning...What Da hell?
yes, a flat tire on a cold morning.....
luckily, Freddie was off work and i called him at home...
but my this smooth pissed me off, i am at the gas station for 15 minutes, unloading the spare, jack and tire bar...standing out there and NOT ONE he-man stopped to ask to help....
what is this world commin' to?
any way, it's done. drove to the dealership to get another new tire.... and will have my wheels back by 10am....
but the good side, i got to drive mom's truck to work.....i need one of those

Monday, January 19, 2009

day 12....lauren's got BLING

lauren has always surprised me with the little things in life. when she was a wee little babe, she never tried to walk, just one day (dec.15,2002) she just up and took off... and like riding a bike, she just one day BAM! started riding her bike...

now she has asked a many time about getting earrings...
momma, i want earrings...
no lauren, not yet.

i wanted to make sure SHE wanted earrings and it was not because of a "friend" has earrings.

so yesterday, after church we are eating lunch and she just looks at me and says,
"Momma, i am ready. I want earrings."
okay lauren, but you know it's gonna hurt like heck....
yes i know, but I want them...can we go right now?

so i look at fred and said, it's time...so we finish lunch, (lauren loves Flan)
and head over to the mall....i am still reminding her it hurts like a wasp sting, but she never back down. so in to ICING'S and she picks out her new body jewelry. then ,

yes, she was ready... not a tear, she actually laughed a bit when she saw them in the mirror.

she was giddy...and could not wait to go home and show Wayne her newest earrings...because he told her that she was be a little lady and not his JO anymore...well he loved them...and she is still JO...

now as any little girl, she is already asking to go earring shopping...i told after 6 weeks we got a earring date, just me and you...

side note: i don't recall the price to getting your ears pierced back in the 80's. but i know my parents did not pay $40.00!

Friday, January 16, 2009

day 11. it's the best things in life

not the big things that you notice when the big things happen, but the small things...

like this pack of Twinkies.

when Hostess started making Twinkies some million of years ago, they make a cool little snack cake. yellow cake with a nice smooth white filling. BUT, they did not know that the "leftovers" would be a favorite...i LOVE to eat the cakes (one at a time), and then lick the paper holder.
seriously, that to me is the best part, yummy.... and the smell of Twinkies...nothing like it.

oh, today is Friday! have a great weekend everyone...they forcasted COLD brrrrrrrr temps for today, but it was about 30 degrees F when i left the house this morning...
have a safe weekend and enjoy your time off!
see ya Monday....yes for some that is a day off...MLK day, but i will be here....at work, working.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

day 10- OUCH!

public service announcement of January 15Th:
ALWAYS wear your seat belt....
seat belts save lives.
the story: truck was in our shop last week getting the front bumper pad painted...
this past weekend, while driving down a dark country road, A deer jumped in the road.
he swerved to miss the deer and hit a pothole, then a culvert, then a tree, bounced out of the ditch and hit a phone pole.
(i would have gambled and hit the deer)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

day 9 photo

31 degrees...
a bit chilly...just a bit, fore i know that Friday morning will be colder.
you know what sucks?
this cold weather and that blustery WIND!
once that wind picks up, man, that wind chill is horrid.
but there is not a cloud in the sky and ROB said yesterday
afternoon that the dew point was at 19%. that is a wee bit low.
arid, cold weather....LOVE It, what would really make me happy?
cold , sleet, dark day... that's winter.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

when pigs fly: day 8

look at that cute face....so sweet....
yet i still don't want one for a pet, too smelly

Monday, January 12, 2009

day 7 photo a day

star wars...the obsession is crazy....don't get me wrong i love all 6 movies, but when you challenge your daughter/father to a match, that is crazy...

to think you playing along side your partner and at any time you can "kill" you partner....fred does something lauren doesn't like , and out comes the light saber and fred is dead...
check out the white board on the left! announcing the match....LOL!

Friday, January 09, 2009

day 6 photo

hello sun! so nice to see you today.
and just to think you will not be here this weekend...but i am enjoying you today.
i hear we are going to get rather cold come the start of next week....

Thursday, January 08, 2009

day in photos, day 5

can you imagne getting this in your stocking for christmas...?

anti monkey butt powder

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

day 4 of photos

FILES! i hate filing....

now with the front office taking 3/4 of my space i filed in, i have one area....

this was something i wanted to take care of in 2008...there is always 2009, i guess

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

a day in photos day 3

today is the day that DIEGO comes home!
Diego has been gone to visit his granparents in Mexico City since Dec.6th.
WELCOME home !
(lauren is so excited)

Monday, January 05, 2009

a day in photos day 2

Well, after MANY years of NOT going out to BARS... we went friday night with friends to eat and got pulled into the bar scene. Saw old friends...this is Holly, it was awesome to see she after all those years.... HI Holly!

Friday, January 02, 2009

a day in photos day 1

they say a picture is worth a thousand words....
well, here is a picture worth a scratch on the head.

our friends, lets call them the Denny's. They have always taken life by the horns and have made life a great thing to lead. until yesterday.

after a nice BIG New years day lunch at the Denny farm, some people started to get on with their days work. But a few of us sat back and enjoyed the afternoon, lets the kids play and some partaking in the rest and relaxation of a lazy afternoon.

so we were sitting on the back patio, and "Mr. 1980" noticed one of the Denny's grand child was riding a 4 wheeler back home...nothing abnormal about that, until you see what he is doing on the 4 wheeler... trotting behind him is his horse, SADDLED.

oh, josh! what the hell are ya doing, son?

we laughed and chuckled our butts off...

later josh showed back up and he was asked " what the hell were you doing".

he said, the horse will not trot... sure! saddled?

his uncle Russ, said " you might be a redneck if" jokes...

i think the kicker was that as we watched this happen, josh looked up and waved the best princess DI wave i have ever seen.....