Friday, June 19, 2009

Ode to Cheri

my Pal Cheri...
what can i say about this woman?
she is a true friend, she makes me laugh, alot.

she is a wonderful mother to her 3 beautiful kids and a special wife to her husband.
a daughter with undieing love and a very special friend a one of a kind.
the struggles she endures are heart wenching, the trials and burdens, i pray for her often...

when i first posted on our little social networking site in around jan 2006, cheri was on vacation with her honey...but i did hear and read alot about this crazy woman...

little did i know that i would meet her in dallas at the scrapfest... that Woman was HILLARIOUS. we contected and on tehe last night there, she stayed up til the wee hours of the morning, just talking and laughing the night away....

i just knew i would have to see this lady again....well, i had my chance, the girls in california held a crop and we were on our way to sunny california...WOW! who would travel that far for less then 48 hours? me!

i have never laughed so hard in my life...Cheri also took time away from the crop to take me to the Folsum prison and get lauren a shirt..what a great deal that meant to me...and we both thought johnny did do time there...*giggle*

with strong connections, not only with cheri, but a few other ladies, we have this yearly swap... we like to call it Thriftmas. we hold this swap at the end of january and draw names. it's a friendship i hold dear with these special ladies in my life...

so , i drew kristin's name and sent her a taste of louisiana....i would love to see Ron with his hat on..lol and cheri drew my name...you see cheri has had on hell of a year so far with her family and sickness, i completly understand that.

yesterday i get home and fred put this huge box on the counter in the kitchen....what a surprise! it's from cheri.....i tear into it like a 4 year old on christmas morning....i read the card and the card said there wa a birthday present in there too....oh! boy!

so opened another card and it said to enjoy this with lauren... now i know cheri's humor, i was expecting something funny and silly....BUT, i cried my eyes out....this gift touched my heart.

i really love you cheri pryor... i will nevershare this with lauren with out thinking of you each time i see it....

thank you my friend....

smaller size

a picture of the goodies.....gott alove that cheri! bubba teeth

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

still kickin'

well, nothing really new around these parts...
just same ole' same...

that's it. a loss for words....

Monday, June 08, 2009

a day on the river

ross and lauren enjoying the sand bar....cute kids

our captain "high Krack"

lauren and ryan enjoying the ride

ryan and lauren on the tube...lauren's first ride

the first mate, jared. the capt'n. and the green horn
we had a great time on the river, the weather was great and the kids had fun
thanks Russell for a great afternoon.... we need to do this more often