Monday, May 19, 2008

busy weekend

well CHOMAS, i raised the bar and went over......

i completed 20 layouts saturday and 15 random cards, 5 more rolodex cards and worked on my disney album.

i will not go into details of the crappy weekend but it's monday and a new start.


Amy Chomas said...

Awwwwh man!!! You ROCK! You win!!! Now do you think you want to do it again? lol
I'm going to treat myself, then go on another one! Or you can wait for me lol!
And that is a lot of scrappin! I only got 3 done lol!

Mona said...

I love both of those lo's - but especially the bottom one!!

Monika said...

I love your LOs... that bottom one is sooo cute. YOu rock girl. when you said you got that many completed I expected them to be simple... not at all!!

Stacy said...

Yeah thats a bit creepy...lol Very similar paper and style too! I love it! I need to work on the others now too. Not sure which topic is next for me tho.