Wednesday, December 30, 2009

happy new year

i have been a bad blogger.... but here are some christmas pictures.
see you in 2010...
i will be updating here daily


love you all!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

merry christmas and happy new year

we had a great Christmas.... i will add pictures later.

looking forward to 2010!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


you would think I would have grown out of being Obsessed with little things.
first it was Stawberry-shortcake, then it was New Kids On The Block, Tom Cruise,
BON JOVI, (well that one is still an healthy obsession).
then 4 books came into the picture....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

halloweenie pictures

tatum and lauren

dad and fred

Elliott and fred
( elliott is looking like " who the hell is that?")

fred and I.
what a turd fred is...way to involved with the pirate ego
we had a great time...i last a few hours but my feet did not.
we had a blast dad , thanks
here ya go cheri and dad...better late then never

Thursday, October 22, 2009

halloween is right around the corner

i have to say i really enjoy dressing up. this will be the first time in years and i am excited.
we finally got lauren to decide on a costume and fred has a few more things to get for his.
mine is done...woo hoo.

i am trying to get my makeup just right and have been spending hours on my hair style. who would have figured looking like the 20's was so hard?

i will post some pictures after Oct. 31...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh, while i am here

our cats.... we got lucky and tabby in march, sometimes and eddie and candy this past weekend...
now, i am not really a cat person, but it's FUNNY to watch cats play....and yes, they are all getting fixed , along with Sir Cookie next week!

summer is over

Tubing on the Calcasieu river with friends

Lauren really ENJOYED the pool this year.

Fred celebrated his 36th birthday with family

Lauren had friends for sleep-overs (Elaine)

Dad invited us twice to Galveston!

My Dad and Seth

Thanks for a GREAT summer dad!

Labor day weekend in Galveston 2009.

Seth, Abi, Nate, Lauren and Tatum

it was a great summer...i hate to say glad it's over, but bring on the cooler weather...
Lauren started 2nd grade this year...and she is really liking school!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


long time no see...
well, i will be doing more updates here in the following week. lots of updates and photos to follow too.

i have been good, see ya soon...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

still here

i neglect this blog...got addicted to farm town on facebook and that sucks.

have a good fourth of july. time spent with family and friends.

i am still fighting with centurytel over internet service. i hope my call to the public service commission pays off.

i will give an update once i know something...

have a great week

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ode to Cheri

my Pal Cheri...
what can i say about this woman?
she is a true friend, she makes me laugh, alot.

she is a wonderful mother to her 3 beautiful kids and a special wife to her husband.
a daughter with undieing love and a very special friend a one of a kind.
the struggles she endures are heart wenching, the trials and burdens, i pray for her often...

when i first posted on our little social networking site in around jan 2006, cheri was on vacation with her honey...but i did hear and read alot about this crazy woman...

little did i know that i would meet her in dallas at the scrapfest... that Woman was HILLARIOUS. we contected and on tehe last night there, she stayed up til the wee hours of the morning, just talking and laughing the night away....

i just knew i would have to see this lady again....well, i had my chance, the girls in california held a crop and we were on our way to sunny california...WOW! who would travel that far for less then 48 hours? me!

i have never laughed so hard in my life...Cheri also took time away from the crop to take me to the Folsum prison and get lauren a shirt..what a great deal that meant to me...and we both thought johnny did do time there...*giggle*

with strong connections, not only with cheri, but a few other ladies, we have this yearly swap... we like to call it Thriftmas. we hold this swap at the end of january and draw names. it's a friendship i hold dear with these special ladies in my life...

so , i drew kristin's name and sent her a taste of louisiana....i would love to see Ron with his hat on..lol and cheri drew my name...you see cheri has had on hell of a year so far with her family and sickness, i completly understand that.

yesterday i get home and fred put this huge box on the counter in the kitchen....what a surprise! it's from cheri.....i tear into it like a 4 year old on christmas morning....i read the card and the card said there wa a birthday present in there too....oh! boy!

so opened another card and it said to enjoy this with lauren... now i know cheri's humor, i was expecting something funny and silly....BUT, i cried my eyes out....this gift touched my heart.

i really love you cheri pryor... i will nevershare this with lauren with out thinking of you each time i see it....

thank you my friend....

smaller size

a picture of the goodies.....gott alove that cheri! bubba teeth

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

still kickin'

well, nothing really new around these parts...
just same ole' same...

that's it. a loss for words....

Monday, June 08, 2009

a day on the river

ross and lauren enjoying the sand bar....cute kids

our captain "high Krack"

lauren and ryan enjoying the ride

ryan and lauren on the tube...lauren's first ride

the first mate, jared. the capt'n. and the green horn
we had a great time on the river, the weather was great and the kids had fun
thanks Russell for a great afternoon.... we need to do this more often

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

galveston 2009

jamie, dad, fred, tatum and lauren enjoying the water

had a great weekend...other then the sun, sand and jellyfish.

i really hate the beach, but it was not as bad as i remember the beach in the past.
thanks dad, again. we had a blast

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

if i had a band

i visited lesle's blog this morning and saw a really cool idea....

the random on wiki was: NC160, north Carolina hwy 160...

the random quote: affirmatively, but says nothing

the 3rd pic on flicker was: so pretty!

that was fun lesle! MISS ya!

Monday, May 11, 2009

mother's day 2009

as you can tell, i REFUSED to dress like an idiot....nope, i have had enough of the dressing up.
but, they will get over it...LMAO!
fred managed to get this great shot of me and lauren....happy mother's day...
oh, i almost forgot, lauren got me a new MP3 player!
i am having so much fun downlaoding music!

Friday, May 08, 2009

what a *$@^%@$^ friday

driving to work this morning....transmission stopped pulling...
got car towed to the service department....
got wrecker driver to drive me to work...
once at work, no internet, no lights, not phones...but the ac was working.
about 8:30 service manager called me and it's gonna be one of two things...
1. tourque converter about 800 dollars.
2. the transmission atleast 2000 dollars.

*insert a few cuss words here*

well, insert many cuss words.

so i still have to go to get mother's day foods and gifts....

off to wal mart in the shop truck....yeah! *sarcasim*

once i got back, LB called and said it's the converter....$887.00 labor and parts
well, better then 2000.00 but still, just spent money on this car last week to change out the compressor.....

might be ready tuesday.
now i gotta rent a car.

i hope this weekend is good

Thursday, May 07, 2009

100% notes hit

now, i have gotten 100% before on other songs, but this song has given me a run of bad luck.
this is the only song that i loved to play and yet never got 100% or even 99%, i just barely got 98% last week....so yesterday, i vow'ed that i would kick it's butt.....
and i did, such an awesome feeling. i used lesle's character for good luck and it paid off!
thanks lesle....lol

now to tackle cliffs of dover....LESL!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

with mother's day around the bend.......

i made this layout for my mom...
she loves purple and this poem is fitting for us.

I often contemplate my childhood, Mom.
I am a mother now, and so I know hard work is mixed together with the fun;
You taught that when you raised me long ago.
I think of all the things you gave to me:Sacrifice, devotion, love and tears,
Your heart, your mind, your energy and soul--
All these you spent on me throughout the years.
You loved me with a never-failing love
You gave me strength and sweet security,
And then you did the hardest thing of all:
You let me separate and set me free.
Every day, I try my best to be
A mother like the mom you were to me.

i am getting a tad sappy and emotional... mother's day has a beautiful meaning to me.

2001: i had just found out about the cancer and Fred and i went to Sam Houston state park to visit with his family...my dad and brother show up...big surprise for me...just thinking about that day makes me weepy, i did not know they were coming. very special moment for me...to know my dad came from Houston to spend that time with me when i was at my lowest...

then November 21,2001: the birth of my one and only daughter. to think that in the months prior, i did not know if i was going to be able to share her birthday with her, to see her born.

so to all you mothers and pre-mothers out there, happy early mothers day.

regardless if you get a card or jewelry or something crazy, just remember that you got something when you became a mother, you got a very special gift, the gift of love.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

fortune cookie of the day 5-5-09

the cookie say:

"Change your thoughts
and you change the world"

lucky numbers : 10,13,15,20,25,28

Vegetable (shu cai)

Monday, May 04, 2009

houston ZOO

houston: a huge city, where everyone is heading in the same
direction you are ...5:00 traffic on a saturday...stand still.

a rattlesnake.

me and Mr. Goat in the petting zoo

Lauren riding a dolphin...love that hat.

I don't know why, but everytime i go to the zoo,
I love taking pictures of this eagle. So calm and beautiful.
Overall a great weekend with family.

Friday, May 01, 2009

end of the week

so glad this week is over...
heading to houston today, looking forward to the zoo and what ever else my eyes see.

we got our pool last night, so next week we can start puttig that huge thing up and getting ready for some wet, fun times...

check ya monday! have a great weekend

Thursday, April 30, 2009

thursday, end of the month

i love the end of a month...getting work done and keeping busy.

i completed my circle journal and will be mailing to Kacomi today... i love doing circle journals.
so much fun to work on different books and the themes on this round look like they will be a blast to work on!

still waiting on my attorney to call me back to work on the judgement case...talked with Fred last night and we would be willing to settle for less then owed, but we will have to see what the DORK wants to do.

Lucky and Tabby will be spending the weekend out side. poor babies. i did not want to leave them in the house over the weekend with out no one being home. we converted cookie pen into a kitty friendly environment..i think they will enjoy the fresh air and the noises...

heading to Houston Friday afternoon to visit with dad and family. i hope the weather is nice and we can do some out door things...worried about the swine flu? just a little.

i started working on my coonfest album...i think it will turn out great...i miss my friends that came last month...really miss them.

okay, i gotta get to work, close tickets and head to the post office to mail a few boxes...
Carrie if you read this, you will have mail in a few days time.

i will check in later, if the atty. calls

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

turning of the tides?

sleepless night, emotional wreckage....

well, my a/c compressor on my car went out yesterday, which is binding up the driving of my car....sent it to the service department and holy cow! little less then $450.00!

so i called and asked if there was any aftermarket parts that would work....EUREKA! 300.00!
and i worked out a deal to pay the tech. cash for the labor....and my mom said she would handle the parts side of it! (i need to get her a huge mothers day gift!)

then this morning, GET THIS! one of the idiots that dealt with the house moving chaos of 2006, called me. he wants to negotiate the judgment i have against him...i called my attorney and i am waiting to here back on how i go about this...

i am starting to have a different outlook on life...
life is too short for games, i have learned a huge lesson from this...one i will never forget.
life is about being humble, but not letting people walk all over you.
life is too short for things that bother you, move past it and always look for the silver lining...

another thing: never take friends for granted, they love you and they care for you.

quote of the day

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened~~Dr. Seuss

Monday, April 20, 2009

what a weekend...

well... it rained all night friday night and all day saturday...
about a week ago, a teacher at lauren school told lauren that she had some kittens that needed a good home. well, fred and lauren ran into her at the store this past week. she told lauren she saved her a black cat and they would soon be ready for their home...well, we decided to get two kittens, to save the lose of sleep and two kitties are better then one, know what i mean?
so saturday afternoon, the call came in, the kittens are ready.... we were scheduled to pick up the kittens sunday after church...
well, our buddies called and wanted to get together to play cards and eat some good ole' soup.
sunday we got the kittens and they are so cute and good with the litter box and just fun to play with....the black one is "lucky" and the tabby colored one, is "tabby"....
lauren and fred returned to school and work today.
see ya later

Thursday, April 16, 2009

big update

wow!! poor little blog, neglected and almost forgotten.

were to start? well, Easter was great...my dad and the Houston clan came in on Saturday.
dad cooked some AWESOME burgers and the kids had a great time. i enjoyed the visit and getting to know Elliott more, what a cute baby.
Easter Sunday: went to church, i was finally able to wear that cute brown pink polka dot dress Fred got me a few months ago...church let out early and we headed home to start the cooking.
Fred's family showed up on time! WOW! it was nice to visit and again i ate way too much!

Monday: Fred called me at work to let me know that his brother and family would be moving back to Louisiana...shocker! but i am blessed...really blessed, Fred and i were able to afford and move out of the old house and that leaves a place open for them to move in to...
they came in on Tuesday and dropped off the horses. they will return for good on may 1st.

i am looking forward to a visit to Houston on the first weekend in may and seeing the zoo or what ever plans dad has for our visit...
that's about it, nothing too crazy..just enjoying the calmness of life and being able to work in the yard finally

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

mid week blues

russell finally installed the z-line yesterday...LAUREN loved it! me, not so much.

well, lauren has started her state testing today....she was a tad pissed when we made her go to bed at 8:30 last night....and i can see another fit tonight and tomarrow night! she hates to miss hannah montana...

i am so bored at work, the phone doesn't ring, no one comes by for estimates any more...i hate this economy....and why is gas going back up????

Friday, March 27, 2009

coonfest weekend and updates of sorts

our groups shot, taken about 2:30 am on sunday morning....
heather, lorij, cass, lesle, kristin and me (sitting)

the tat... i have been wanting a tattoo for about 20 years now...i waited to make sure that i can live the rest of my life with the art i picked...Dali is my FAVORITE artist and once lauren was born i knew that the hands would be at the time she was born...

the pain...hurt like hell, yes hell! when john started it, i was "oh, that is not that bad." then i started feeling funny, that tunnel vision started and i lost hearing in my left ear, i was soaking wet from sweat and hot...on came the a/c and kristin got me a coke...i started counting the tiles on the floor in the shop...one, two, three, four, five....the whole experience lasted about 30 minutes and i am pleased with the out come. something with meaning, something to cherish and adore, a memory that i shared with friends and that lauren loves it, she blushed when i told her it was the time she was born...

now , just for the itching to stop....but still worth it...
so glad i was able to see friends and enjoy time with them....
heather came from Utah on wednesday, we laughed and talked into the wee hours of the morning. kristin arrived on thursday! wow! she is a hoot....cass came in on friday(funny story ) and lesle on saturday.
i had a great week/weekend ladies! thanks so much!

Monday, March 16, 2009

been busy

first off, Lauren had her annual family Math night at school on the 10th!
it was great. lasted about an hour but we walked away with fun math games
and some flash cards...

this weekend we had two birthday parties that lauren was invited too, we were only able to attend one, due to the fact that both parties were at the same time and across town.so we attended erica's birthday party. she is in to tinker bell and we got her a trunk full of tinkerbell dress up clothes! she loved it.

i am engrossed in another book...stacie and lori both raved about it, yet neither one of them has finished the book....i started it this morning and will FINISH it this week.

the time has come! on wednesday i drive to get my buddy heather from lafayette airport. totally excited about meeting her and enjoying the company.....then friday we go get cassa-undra and lesle will be in friday night! it's going to be a great week for me!

the shack by: william p. young. it's very good right now....

Monday, March 09, 2009

okay leslemora

cliffs of dover 92% notes hit 93,728 score 117 streak

i was surprised! see your guitar playing ass in 12 days


lauren's report card......

Friday, March 06, 2009


been really busy and forgot about this blog....bad, LORI!

anyway, my baby girl is pretty smart... she got banner roll again this past six weeks!
way to go lauren! i am so proud of her....and she had perfect conduct and is at a winter's end party at school today! they got to wear their robes and will be having hot cocoa and snacks!

only 12 day till my pal Heather will be arriving for the Coonfest! and 14 days till we pick up cassandra in lafayette! then lesle soon be driving in and beth and shannon too! fun!

there is an AIR SHOW this weekend and i would love to go, depends on if i can or not get the tiller to work, i need to start my garden this weekend....

twilight girls

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Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

Monday, February 23, 2009

mardi gras weekend

we traveled to Lafayette this weekend. for years my dad has invited us to go there for mardi gras, well, this year we went. SO glad we did, a great time we had also.

yes, us cajun's dress up our dogs for the season.

this is probably this Best picture of the weekend...

my dad, tatum and lauren waiting on the first parade to start.

my bro, Harley...aka: bro-man, bling bling...8 pounds of gold.

the loot
no candy, it's all about the beads

it's hard for the guys...one parade down
over all, it was a great weekend...next time, i will pack clothes.