Thursday, February 28, 2008


way before the cali crop, cheri mentioned a conversation between her son and herself.

anyways , i had to make "ben" a shirt.

Hi BEN! thanks for making me laugh.

and to add those beads make it awesome

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

sunny california

yeah my ass!

well got back sunday afternoon.
totally , TOTALLY awesome time.

in a nut shell:

got to lori's house friday morning and we headed out to houston IAH! got there way early and enjoyed a beer to take the edge off the nervousness.

lesle met us there and we went and ate at chili's. then off to denver!
great flight. landed in denver. where's the snow? none to be seen.
enjoyed the lay over and at at a tex-mex place in the airport. called cheri p and was told ashley s was delayed like 4 hours! OMG! poor honey.

went to the gate and waited for the SAC trip. we met JAMES and cool guy that was listening in to our conversation. his wife knitts. so he knew about us scrapbookers.

on the plane ride, there was some AF guys heading out for training and one poor guy fell asleep. well, they jacked with his face on the plane. lmao.

got to cali and cheri and Amy picked us up.
totally awesome to see cheri again. i love that woman.

went to cheri's work to get our scrap crap box and stop for beer. (baby beer)
and then off to patti's house. wow! what a neighborhood.
she was so awesome to open her house to us and threa a wonderful welcoming party.
omg! i saw girls i thought i would never meet. JES, ERINJ, DEANNA, STEPHANIE H, JENK, THERESA

just fantastic time.

we did not get much sleep friday night so i woke up early and took the first show of the day. yeah for me i had hot water!
Monika, Lori and i went to the store to help patti set up. that was so cool to set up and see the store first hand. i was blown away by the product and supplies. total scrapbook heaven.

about 12ish cheri had to go to her house and i rode with her and she took me to FOLSOM prison. wow! now that we neat. so old and just wonderful. and for the record johnny cash never spent time at the prison other then to have concerts. Cheri and i did not know!

so back to the store and more scrapping and visiting. when i left with Cheri there was half a try left of won tons. when i got back there was only 7 left. that Lori jack ate them all.

we did challenge and door prizes.

it got tense for a while but i will not remember the time of stupidity, because that is what it was, but i will forever remember those lovely ladies and the awesome trip to California to see my friends for the Internet.

i mean where what would i be doing if it was not for those friends. my buddies my pals.
it may be spastic. but they are my spazz's.

oh and California in February....cold and rainy. but so worth the adventure.

thanks patti for the welcome and the goodies. i will always remember the woman i met that was from the hippie distrct of san fransico.

and cheri p! words could never express the total thankfulness to you my friend.

lesle: thanks again. you made it possible

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

today is wednesday

only a 48 hours till i get to houston and then to california.

my brain is swimming right now...did i forget anything on my to do list to bring?

WOO HOO! so excited to have a weekend away with friends

Monday, February 18, 2008

is it spring yet?

because i just seeded :

red carnations
red zinna's
red sunflowers....

looks like this is the year of red.

this was a great weekend. friday we hung out at home. saturday we hung out more and then went to eat chili at robert and ana's. then the storm blew in, WOW ! that was freaky. sunday was a pretty awesome day. went to church and then to eat CHINESE and then to sam's the get snacks for lauren's snack day on the 20th. we (me and lauren) went mud riding in the fields and played with cookie. and seeded plants...

that's it , now i just sit and wait......wait for friday.......i have a feeling this week is going to go by slooooowww.

Monday, February 11, 2008

monday, blah, blah

it's monday.

only a few weeks to california.

i am being calm about this, but i think as the days go by i am going to start tripping out.

i am so looking forward to seeing my old friends again....


cheri p


ashley s

potti h

and lorij

and seeing the new friends....

patti s
amy c
erin j
erin j's friend
stephanie h
Gramma (Claudia)
Gramma's DIL
Noel Mignon
Sonda (with Noel)

Monday, February 04, 2008

Mardi gras 2008

Amist the rumors of rain and the HUMID air we went to the children's mardi gras parade yesterday afternoon.

it was nice and lauren is now old enough to know not to go in to the street.

she was so excited.....and as you can tell fred too.....

happy mardi gras!

tagged by georgina....

that sneeky english girl tagged me all the way from england.....lol

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L ~lovely
y ~yearning for sleep
n ~ not so neat scrapbook room
n ~ no yet 40....

So I need to tag 4 people to add to their own blogs.....

stacey ubber the goober
krapper kristin
leslemora the diva
lori jack the sillier lori

Friday, February 01, 2008

in 21 days

i will be seeing this fine girl.....