Monday, May 19, 2008

i was tagged by potti h

hi potti! i hope to see you this year, somewhere!

Here are the rules:
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#1 fact : i really do love pigs, but there was a moment a few years back that i was overwhelmed with piggys.

#2 fact: i gave up all my friends once i got married. ALL OF THEM. there was not room in my life for certain folks and how i am finding new friends and i have a BFF that i adore.

#3 fact: i hate summer: the heat, the sun, the humidity all of it. if i could move to alaska i would in a heartbeat.

#4 fact: this is harder then i seems, some things i don't want to post in the web....but i have never been to WDW and next week i will be there for a week.

okay i tag......

stacy aka ubbergoober

leslie aka casa de lesle

monika aka mom

cheri p aka cherip

have fun girls

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