Monday, May 12, 2008


^upper left arm
^left shoulder
^left chest area, yeah it hurts.

ouch, oh, uh......

yeah, this this the REASON, i HATE summer......

yesterday was as expected. but i did get some beautiful flowers from Lauren and a check from Fred to go get my camera today.

and yes i was outside from about 11:00 to about 4:00, Lauren wanted to swim so why not?
we got dressed and headed to the back yard, but what did we forget, SUNSCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!
both she and i are burnt, she has a darker skin color then me and she is rose colored, but me?

so yeah, summer is here. YUCK!


Stacy said...

You spazz! lol Need me to RAK you some sunscreen? I replied on your thread but try some vinegar in your bathwater.

Anonymous said...

it's only been like that your whole life I wouldn't expect it to change at your age now.


Lori P said...

thanks dad......i got your skin tone ya know

Patti H said...

I feel your pain Lori all I do all summer is burn burn burn