Friday, August 29, 2008

Gustav and labor day weekend

i have plans to go with my family to Galveston island this labor day weekend.

from today to Monday.

PANIC has come. the Governor was on the radio yesterday talking about evacuations of new Orleans and other east areas. i was upbeat that Gustav would hit there and not more more to the west.

the storm is still far out to tell, but when you see that track above you kinda get that funny rita feeling again.
i just pray that it disappears or it loses it's strength over cuba if it hits.....and that the High pressure over us moves more south.
i could barf, the stress, the unknowing, the panic.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

tagged by DTC!

hi kristin! miss ya krapper!

Here are the rules:
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So here are mine.
1. I have to have a cherry coke or coke everyday or i get headaches
2. I love alone time
3. I want to have all my girlfriends over for a weekend
4. I love love winter.......it is my favorite season.
5. I love pigs. DUH?
6. I would love to meet michael phelps one day
7. I really am trying to be postive this week

I tag......
carrie h...


i was told to update...

we are all doing great...lauren is enjoying school...
we are going to galveston this weekend...
will post pictures when we get back...

hi patti!

Monday, August 18, 2008

lauren's first haircut

she wanted a haircut......fred was against it, well for as short as she wanted to go with it....

now, we all love it.....and so much easier to fix!

he did it

michael phelps is a man of history and what hero's are made of....
8 gold medals. AMAZING

Friday, August 15, 2008

my last post on phelps

because he will be history come Monday when i return to work.
i will have to keep my fingers crossed tonight and tomorrow.....
good luck Michael! the entire USA is behind ya!

you thought i was crazy about bon jovi?

okay did some more looking this morning....
i found some info on mike's playlist on his ipod....
it's on my play list here...

call me crazy.....i know it

no. 6

By PAUL NEWBERRY, AP National Writer 1 hour, 11 minutes ago

BEIJING (AP)—Michael Phelps collected the sixth gold medal and stuffed it in his warmup jacket. No time to even savor that one as he rushed off to swim again.
It was just No. 6, after all, equaling his haul from Athens in 2004.
The most important ones are still to come.
Phelps made it 6-for-6 at the Beijing Games with another world-record triumph Friday, his bid to take down Mark Spitz and the grandest of Olympic records looking less suspenseful by the day.
The American hung on the lane rope in a familiar pose after winning the 200-meter individual medley but showed little emotion other than raising his left arm when his time of 1 minute, 54.23 seconds flashed on the board—more than two seconds ahead of the next guy.
With that, he quickly moved on.
“The next two races are pretty important,” said Phelps, whose sixth world record in China erased his own mark of 1:54.80 at last month’s U.S. trials. “I have to conserve as much physical and emotional energy as I can.”

He’s already the winningest athlete in Olympic history with 12 golds—he also won two bronze medals in Athens—but his sights are on eight in Beijing.
Spitz won seven golds at the 1972 Munich Games. Phelps has two more events to remove any doubt he’s the greatest Olympian ever.
Ryan Lochte tried to pull off a daunting double, going against Phelps just 29 minutes after winning the 200 backstroke. He couldn’t keep up, though he did hold on for bronze. Laszlo Cseh of Hungary picked up his third silver of the games—all of them trailing Phelps.
“It’s not a shame,” Cseh said, “to be beaten by a better one.”
When the official times were posted, Phelps extended his right hand to Lochte in the next lane. The friends shook hands and patted each other on the head.
Later, they yukked it up on the medal stand before Phelps hustled off to grab his racing gear; he had to come right back for the semifinals of the 100 butterfly.
“I switched from my dress sweats to my parka, shoes, threw my cap and goggles on and then they pushed us on out. No time,” he said. “The medal was in my warmup jacket.”
History can’t wait.
A half-hour after winning another gold, Phelps was second-fastest behind Milorad Cavic of Serbia in the 100 fly, setting himself up to tie Spitz’s record in Saturday’s final. World record-holder Ian Crocker of the U.S. bounced back from a disappointing swim in the prelims to post the third-fastest time.
“There wasn’t much time,” Phelps said, “but I think there’s going to be a lot of time for me to rest over the next 18 hours or so, and I’ll be able to be ready for tomorrow morning’s 100.”
If all goes according to plan, Phelps will get No. 7 in the fly—his signature stroke—and have the coronation Sunday in the 400 medley relay. The Americans are always heavily favored for gold in that one.
Nevertheless, he’s taking nothing for granted, especially in the fly. Crocker has the best time ever (though it was three years ago) and Cavic looked strong in both the preliminaries and semifinals.
“It’s never a relief,” he said. “Tomorrow is going to be a tough race. For me to be a player in that race, I have to be closer at the 50. If I’m not, then it will be tough. I was over a body length behind at the 50 in the prelims and came up a bit short, so I have to be there.”

Still, he showed little signs of tiring from the grueling schedule. He’s already raced 15 times and has two more left—both going for gold.
“I actually don’t feel too bad now,” Phelps said.
That can’t be encouraging for those swimmers who’ve come up with all sorts of amusing theories for Phelps’ dominance. He’s from outer space. He’s come back from the future in a time machine. He’s some sort of human rocket.
The official Xinhua News Agency dubbed Phelps “the American superfish.”
For those who believe Phelps might be using more illicit methods to produce these times, he shot down any speculation about doping.
“Anybody can say whatever they want, but I know I’m clean,” said Phelps, who took part in a special U.S. anti-doping program that subjected him to additional, more sophisticated testing. “People can question it all they want, but the facts are the facts. I have the results to prove it.”
Lochte got quite a consolation prize for his loss to Phelps: a world record and the first individual gold medal of his career in the backstroke. The laid-back Floridian edged teammate Aaron Peirsol in 1:53.94 to break the mark he shared with Peirsol.

“I touched the wall and was like, ‘Thank you, finally,’” Lochte said. “It felt good the whole way.”
Lochte was known as “Mr. Runner-up” for his frequent second-place finishes to Phelps and Peirsol. Then he stunned Peirsol at last year’s world championships in 1:54.32, before Peirsol matched the time in beating Lochte at the U.S. Olympic trials last month.
Lochte got Peirsol back despite a problem with his LZR Racer.
“My suit came undone after the first 50,” Lochte said. “I was just trying to control my legs.”
Lochte couldn’t tame Phelps, however, which would appear to leave Crocker as the last man standing between Phelps and his destiny.
A thoughtful, 25-year-old from Maine, who loves to cruise in vintage cars and jam on his guitar, Crocker is now trying to go down in history as the man who stopped Phelps.
“You can start by not worrying about what everybody else thinks,” he said. “Nobody knows what I’ve really gone through in the last eight years and what has gotten me to this point, besides myself and a few people that I know well. So it’s my own personal deal at this point.”
Peirsol won the 100 back in Beijing, but failed to match his backstroke double from Athens four years ago. He earned the silver in 1:54.33, while Russia’s Arkady Vyatchanin claimed the bronze.
“That’s the theme of the meet. You have to break a world record to win. I gave it my all and I had nothing left,” Peirsol said. “I’m very proud of what I’ve done. Ryan swam well. He earned it.”

Phelps’ win was the 21st world record set in swimming during the Olympics, with two days left.
Two days that could make history.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

3 post in one day?

Swimming - Finals, including men's 200 IM, and semifinals (live ET/CT)
10:00pm - 1:00am

12,000 calories per day

Breakfast: 3 fried egg sandwiches, 2 cups coffee, 5-egg omlette, bowl of grits, 3 pieces of french toast, 3 chocolate chip pancakes

Lunch: 1 pound pasta, 2 ham and cheese sandwiches, energy drink (1,000 calorie)

Dinner: 1 pound pasta, 1 large pizza, energy drink (1,000 calorie)

this is a typical daily intake of phelps.....

my daily rant

first off, i heard that NBC will likely be showing Michael's
finally race Saturday live across the country...NBC giving serious consideration to airing Saturday's prime-time Olympic coverage live in all time zones due to Michael Phelps' potential 8th gold medal. This would allow full network to show race as it is happening. Otherwise, West Coast viewers would see it three hours after it takes place. Final decision may be made late Thursday night EDT.
i think that is great.

secondly: while watching the semi heat #1 last night, i was pulling for Ryan lochte. why not, he is a great swimmer. he came in first in his heat.
then semi heat #2. Phelps is out. again i am pulling for Michael.

but then it hit me, they will have to race against one another.
the media is a hound when it comes to over doing things.
yes i "love" Michael Phelps, but the reporters are retarded. yes i said retarded.
they ask other US team members about Phelps, why not ask them about themselves.

so Michael's last two races will be soon.....i will be pulling for him.

he has to race Ryan in the IM and then after that he must fight Ian Crocker off.....

history in the making.

side note: i saw Michael Johnson on TV yesterday.....i remember that moment he raced like it was yesterday........

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

more pictures

this man is making history....
i am so glad i am here to enjoy the ride.
the greatest Olympian ever.....

you guessed it

I am SO PROUD of Michael Phelps!!!!!!!!!

last night i was glued to my TV. there were two metal races for him.....

first race....once it was over, he acted kinda "funny". i told fred, WTF? he looks pissed.
it was because his google were filling with water....poor thing...

no comments to the media, only 51 minutes to get ready for the relay....

the relay: OMG!!!!!! to be that far ahead and so far ahead of the WR, was history in the making.

all 4 of those men were outstanding.....

Saturday morning's 100-meter butterfly is the biggest hurdle remaining. to beat out fellow american Ian Crocker.......

Monday, August 11, 2008

weekend trip

left friday night to head to houston to visit my dad...

had a great time and enjoyed spending time with the family.

dad took us to IT'Z, a rather cool indoor amusement park...little pricey.
then chuck e cheese and then to the pool for a dip and out to eat at willie's.

we watched the Olympics.....i enjoy the Olympics.....

and then traveled home yesterday.
short trip, but loads of fun.
i will upload pictures later.....

and we planned a trip for labor day weekend....

the USA rocks

you would think that when a person or a team talks "smack" about another team, that is negative reinforcement?

not always the case, some people or a team would take the negative and turn it positive....

the Frenchy's talked smack telling the world they would SMASH the Americans...

so how does it feel today? to have to eat your words?

that was the most gut clenching relay i have ever watched....we were down and up and down and then Jason Lezak hits the water.....that guy was on fire........

congrats guys, i am so proud that you four are part of the American team...

Friday, August 08, 2008

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! finally

OMG i have been wanting to catch lightning in a photo in like forever...

i am totally amazed with this weather phenom.

so last night i went to to put cookie up for the night and i kept seeing flashes of light, not normal lightning light but bright white light.....i have trees in the yard so i had to walk in to the pasture to see what the deal was.

I ran inside the house , grabbed the camera (point and shoot), and ran back out.

i was out there for 20 minutes, trying to get the setting just right?

i am hopeless at manual settings and i wanted to use the digital to SEE what i catch instantly.
so i used the sport feature.... they are not great, but to me....AWESOME!
now to get better, but i am so excited.......finally, lightning in a picture

Thursday, August 07, 2008


for the past three years......the circus is becoming a tradition...i neither like it or dislike it.

what happened to the three rings of the past?

why do you have to sit on the front row to get a good look at the show?
anyway, lauren enjoyed getting dressed up and the man that rode the tiny bike...
i liked the elephants and tigers..

Monday, August 04, 2008

wind 1, trampoline 0

it was about 4 am sunday morning.
fred got up to got to the bathroom, and i guess it was the wind hitting
the house that woke me up. our bedroom faces the east.
i went to the front door and turned on the light...just saw the trees swaying.
then i heard a rubbing sound. a loud rubbing sound.

so we walked to the back door. the trampoline was moved about 10 feet.
okay, do we fight the wind to secure it, or take our chances.
we took our chances.
went back to bed. within 5 minutes we hear it.
back outta bed and talk to the back door.
the trampoline was against the house upside down.
okay well, it can not go anywhere now.

at 8am we woke up to see the trampoline in the same spot it was at 4 this morning.
we lifted it off the ac unit and placed it in the yard again.

springs were all over the yard and the frame was bent.

but it could have been worst...