Monday, April 12, 2010

back in the saddle

last week was amazing...who'da thunk!?
anyway, today i am going to go on to both sculpting and cardio and abs, a 3 for all!
i think it will work, i have done a week of working on technique and i think it will be a breeze.

on my day off, i did not eat like a pig either. portion control and i have learned to eat till i was not hungry, not till i was full...

and we are going up and getting P90X, WOO! a friend is giving it to us! i can not wait. but i think i will stick to P90 and do that to completion... i have a bad habbit on not finishing things and i will finish this first.

and guess what!? i lost 5 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

*sigh* day 3

they say if you can make it thru the first week, you will be good to go!
who is they? i want to punch them in their cooters!

so back to cardio last night. did the warm up stretch and started on the works.

i HATE YOGA!!!!!!!

i was fine after that , but that upward dog, plank, downward dog crap kills me....so i paused the dvd, got some water and walked around till it was over! LMAO...cheater!

the rest of cardio was awesome, then came the abs!
i did all 100 reps !!!!!!!!!!!

tonight, back to sculpting I-II, i wonder if i will ever advance to III-IV? LOL

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Day 2

i am beginning to think, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?
got home last night, changed and started on sculpting...with resistance band.
holy Toledo!
a resistance band is like this

i played with it when the box came in and thought, what a piece of cake....YEAH RIGHT!
so 30 minutes of warm-up, using these bands from hell and a cool down. then back to Abs.

so yeah, i am one sore lady today....

i did take my body measurements last night...every inch counts.
i did notice that one thigh is bigger then the other, by two and a half inches? strange! i measured Fred's and his is only like a quarter inch....hum? anyway, i have a goals....
goal #1 : lose 40 pounds. the reason? get back to pre-Lauren weight.
goal #2 : get my thighs even. now i look in the mirror i can see the difference! so weird.
goal #3 : get down to at least a size 9-10 in jeans... i never threw you out my darlings!
goal #4 : eat better. add for veggie and meats to my diet.
why? because i want Lauren to eat better and if i do, she will.

okay, so tonight i got cardio again....and abs....

by the way, in the past 4 days i have only had 1 1/2 cokes.! this is a big deal

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

day 1 of the the next three months

yes, i started a workout program and diet... time to shed that weight and get in shape. i think my low point was about January...i turned 35 and just looked in the mirror and thought, " what the hell have you done physically for the past 35 years?" after about 2 minutes of thinking and looking at myself in disgust, it donned on me! i need to get in shape and lose some of this extra flab.
so i kinda planted the seed. telling Fred i wanted p90x. www.beachbody.com
one day he called and mentioned a boot camp version of the famous program (p90x) called P90 or power 90. not as hard as the p90x, but you walk away with about the same results.

so i have it in my mine it's only 90 days, 3 months...not that long. i have made a few promises to myself and intend on keeping them. i finally am able to keep a journal on what enters my body and i am sure i write it all down ( kinda hard with all that damn Easter candy sitting there), but i look at it and say, nope! you have a promise to keep.

i am so took pictures like the program said....first day, 30 days, 60 days and the final. (i will work scrapbooking in to this you know> LOL)

so here is to a new me! my goals are number one right now and i will keep my promise to myself...

side note: glad Easter is over, enjoyed time with family.

talk to y'all soon!