Tuesday, May 13, 2008

thoughts for tuesday

well i got an awesome little point and shoot camera for mother' day.

sometimes life is not all you thought it would be, but things happen for a reason and you grow stronger.

some people need to blog.

some people don't need to blog.

i am getting into a nother circle journal and it's gonna be awesome!

sunburn still hurts like hell. but today i smell like a vanilla/aloe plant

11 days of school left for lauren.

12 days before WDW trip and i get to see chip and dale....

wonder what cheri pryor is doing right this moment.

hi dad.

wonder if cassandra is having a great day.

oh cheri SUCK IT!

i hope ashley s is doing well.

wonder if christy's dogs ate the food after jim counted it?

and why does kristin have so many shirts?

i hope lorij calls me later today i worry about her.

and that crazy canadian, stacy.....she is always on my mind.

and potti.....did she get her package yet from the event?

hi monika! hope you have a great day.

and my okie friend terry! i miss our phone calls.

okay see ya later dudes


Patti H said...

great post Lori! I need to do one like that! I have not received my package. Thanks for the reminder! Hmmm I wonder if Krapper has received hers?

Cheri Pryor said...

I can't tell you what I was doing when you posted this...because I have a hard time remembering yesterday...but right now I'm reading your blog and LOVING the new layout.

AshleyS said...

I just saw my name on your blog. I feel special!!!