Thursday, July 31, 2008

it was a dark knight

well fred and i rarely go to the movies together, alone.

so last night we went to see DARK KNIGHT..

first, thanks Erin for talking about it on SJ.
that's what peaked my interest.

i loved it. it was better then batman begins and i did close my eyes once.
it was action packed and if i can i will see it again.

this is one of the finest movies i have seen in a while.
the joker character was amazing...and bale was intoxicating


Patti H said...

glad you and Fred got a night out at the movies! Did you get popcorn too! That is my favorite part of the movies

Stacy said...

I *heart* Christian Bale too...ever since American Psycho. *sigh*

Cassandra said...

The joker cracked me up. Ledger was a genius!