Monday, July 14, 2008

great weekend...

i have never been at a lost for words, well on FEW things, but this book....so inspiring.
started reading it yesterday...Don Piper came to our church a few weeks ago and his testimony was one of a kind.

spent saturday afternoon with my BFF! her daughter turned 3! happy birthday again J!
i met her new friend....he was really not what i expected, but so nice and seems like he cares about her alot! she needs that!

oh, i will add this here: TExas scrapfest is saleing raffle tickets.
check here for details. http://texasscrapfest.com/?page_id=13

looking forward to a great week...


AshleyS said...

My Maw-Maw says this book is great!

Patti H said...

Glad you got to spend some time with your bff. Spending time with your bff makes your heart feel good kinda soothes the soul! Have a great week Lori