Monday, July 28, 2008

Full weekend

what a full weekend...

Saturday we hung at the house, cleaning and getting Lauren's room in order. Her furniture was delivered Friday morning...(will post pictures later)

then we headed to wal mart to get a few groceries and a birthday gift for Lauren's friends party on Sunday....

Sunday: went to church...we had a guest pastor. he does work for the mission of mercy org. and was talking about the program. well, before he was done speaking we adopted a child.
i am looking forward to getting to know Celeste and sharing with her. she lives in Mozambique and she is 6 years old.
at 1:00 was Kimberly's birthday party....in 97 degree weather the kids enjoyed the water slide.
the adults sweated our butts off....but Lauren had a great time playing with her friends from school.
at 5:00 we left the party and hurried home to change in to "cow attire". yeah, we had to work cows. i really enjoy this farming activity, but with the heat it sucks. and then we saw a dead cow.
Lauren was FULL of questions, how, why, when, what?
but she did not freak out. she was curious...which is good.
so today i am licking my wounds. i did not remember from previous times in the fields to were long pants....my stark white legs are ravaged with red bugs and scratches....
i am looking forward to this week. Dad called saturday night and will be stopping by thursday night...

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Stacy said...

See.....I knew you were an Africa supporter at heart. You just didn't know it yet. :) You must post pics or any letters you guys share with Celeste! Mozambique used to be a very horrible war ravaged place. It is just turning around now. It is right north of Kruger National Park in South Africa...where I watch the cam from. Trust me it is not all about the animals either. I am getting together a bunch of Canuck cam watchers to donate to schools over there.