Monday, August 04, 2008

wind 1, trampoline 0

it was about 4 am sunday morning.
fred got up to got to the bathroom, and i guess it was the wind hitting
the house that woke me up. our bedroom faces the east.
i went to the front door and turned on the light...just saw the trees swaying.
then i heard a rubbing sound. a loud rubbing sound.

so we walked to the back door. the trampoline was moved about 10 feet.
okay, do we fight the wind to secure it, or take our chances.
we took our chances.
went back to bed. within 5 minutes we hear it.
back outta bed and talk to the back door.
the trampoline was against the house upside down.
okay well, it can not go anywhere now.

at 8am we woke up to see the trampoline in the same spot it was at 4 this morning.
we lifted it off the ac unit and placed it in the yard again.

springs were all over the yard and the frame was bent.

but it could have been worst...

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Patti H said...

thankfully it was not worse Lori. Bet Lauren was bummed out!