Friday, July 11, 2008

i love the internet

right now i am listen to my local talk radio station on the web.

i listen to alot of talk radio, 30 minutes when i travel to work and 30 minutes when i travel home.
when i was younger my dad only had AM in his company cars/trucks and i would hate to ride in it because of the AM only station, well it comes full circle, it's the only thing i have been listening to for about a year.


today's morning show, one of the guest is the Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal.

the WORD is he is a possible VP for mccain.....i hope that will not happen....he has only been in office since january....

but on a side note it's friday.
no big plans this weekend, except to go to Mrs. Diva's birthday party saturday.
i will post pictures monday


AshleyS said...

love my talk radio! I listen as long as Clayton will let me! ("MUSIC, MAMMA!")

Patti H said...

okay you and Ashley would both get along great with John he loves talk radio. I do not! lol I am with Clayton Music

Anonymous said...

I had FM just not many channels way back then. I was about your age then haha

Cheri Pryor said...

No talk radio for me. I want to be-bop down the road. Ride with ME, Patti! Along with Clayton we can have WAY more fun than the talk radio girls. lol!

Lori P said...

haha dad....