Friday, August 29, 2008

Gustav and labor day weekend

i have plans to go with my family to Galveston island this labor day weekend.

from today to Monday.

PANIC has come. the Governor was on the radio yesterday talking about evacuations of new Orleans and other east areas. i was upbeat that Gustav would hit there and not more more to the west.

the storm is still far out to tell, but when you see that track above you kinda get that funny rita feeling again.
i just pray that it disappears or it loses it's strength over cuba if it hits.....and that the High pressure over us moves more south.
i could barf, the stress, the unknowing, the panic.


Leslie said...

stay safe!

Cheri Pryor said...

Glad you made it through! Hope your travels back home are safe. ((hugs))

Patti H said...

First glad all is well in your neck of the woods!!

You have been tagged!! Check out my blog for details

Cassandra said...

Glad you are safe. Damn you for making all of us worry about your coonass!

Leslie said...

Glad Gustav's bark was worse than his bite! Hope you're home safely very soon.

And, you've been tagged. Details on my blog.