Thursday, August 14, 2008

my daily rant

first off, i heard that NBC will likely be showing Michael's
finally race Saturday live across the country...NBC giving serious consideration to airing Saturday's prime-time Olympic coverage live in all time zones due to Michael Phelps' potential 8th gold medal. This would allow full network to show race as it is happening. Otherwise, West Coast viewers would see it three hours after it takes place. Final decision may be made late Thursday night EDT.
i think that is great.

secondly: while watching the semi heat #1 last night, i was pulling for Ryan lochte. why not, he is a great swimmer. he came in first in his heat.
then semi heat #2. Phelps is out. again i am pulling for Michael.

but then it hit me, they will have to race against one another.
the media is a hound when it comes to over doing things.
yes i "love" Michael Phelps, but the reporters are retarded. yes i said retarded.
they ask other US team members about Phelps, why not ask them about themselves.

so Michael's last two races will be soon.....i will be pulling for him.

he has to race Ryan in the IM and then after that he must fight Ian Crocker off.....

history in the making.

side note: i saw Michael Johnson on TV yesterday.....i remember that moment he raced like it was yesterday........

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