Wednesday, September 03, 2008

i got tagged by the FAMOUS potti H.
i am so blessed to have this canadian coming to see me in march.
check out her blog! http://nannierocks.blogspot.com/

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OKay here are my blogs I read all the time.

1.) that lazy blogger christy......http://christy-paradise.blogspot.com/
last post was july 23rd!
2.)my sweet buddy from just north. ashley http://ineverimagined.blogspot.com/
i hope gustav's rains part your way soon.
3.) my southern pal....becky http://beckela.blogspot.com/
i miss you tons....
4.)my BFF lorij....where is she ay in the web world?
5.) ms. scrapfest....http://www.casadelesle.com/
6.)my friend in IT-LEE http://lesliestamps.blogspot.com/
7.) and the old grouch http://oscarisms.blogspot.com/

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