Tuesday, June 10, 2008

disney trip day 5 (animal kingdom)

tuesday may 6, 2008


once there we all made a bee line to expedition Everest.

now that was cool! dad called while we were waiting in line...nice to talk to him.

did i say it was hot? Florida is hot in june did you know that?

anyway we rode DINO saur. i think that how they spelt it? that was neat too. we split up and we went to eat in asia of course chinse food! yeah.

we then went to wait for the train to go to nature watch, the train never showed after 45 minutes so we went to go to the walking trail, nice cool!

we listened to some african folk music, loved that too.

then met up with the rest of the family to go on the safari.

it started to rain and all the others left. fred lauren and i went to watch it's tough being a bug.
that was great, lauren got a kick out of that.

we all had dinner at the hotel and went to the lighted night parade at magic kingdom.

just watching the castle turn colors was magical

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