Tuesday, June 10, 2008

disney trip (day 3) magic kingdom

Sunday may 1, 2008

off to magic kingdom!

the castle was BEAUTIFUL! much smaller in person, but very nice.

we saw chip and dale and Pluto in the front square and decided to wait, the line was long.

i saw Mary Poppins outta the corner of my eye and thought we could catch her on the way back.

bad move , we never saw Mary again.

we went up to the castle and saw the show and headed to tomorrow land. Lauren's first character meet was Cinderella's wicked step mom and those two sorry sisters.

we rode the cars on the race track and then off to space mountain.

i had no idea it was gonna be like that. Lauren freaked the whole ride.

but she made it Thur just fine. then we rode the teacups.

OMG! talk about sick, Lauren started turning green. but once off we saw pooh and tigger and Darby.

we ate lunch and went to "it's a small world" , if i ever hear that song again i will puke. over and over and over again....

we went to ride pirates of the Caribbean. now that we cool! great effects. we rode the old paddle boat and then mike's laugh floor, that was so cute, i love monsters, INC.

then i met chip and dale.....Lauren was tired of taking pictures, but i love chip and dale, so i did the autograph thing and picture.


Leslie said...

wow the wicked stepmother and sisters...I don't think I've ever seen those ladies before! how cool.

Cheri Pryor said...

Great pictures!! So glad nobody got sick on the teacups...I seriously almost can't even watch them anymore!