Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the disney trip ( day 1 and 2 )

Friday may 30, 2008

started the day with cinnamon rolls and some sponge bob.

got the car loaded and left the house around noon.

we were making great time, but we needed to rest a bit, stopped in Gonzales to eat at Cracker Barrel.

got to new Orleans around 3:15.

checked in and rode across the street to the airport to check in at the delta counter.

took Lauren to swim in the pool and it was nice to sit, relax and enjoy the setting sun. i called mom and told her i feed cookie before we left. Later that night we went to eat at the hotel restaurant. LONG wait...but it was good, yummy. off to bed at 11:00, we gotta wake up early.

saturday may 31, 2008

well, Mr. NERVOUS was up at 5:45. i stayed in bed till 6:15. we met MIL and FIL down stairs for breakfast at 7:00. the rest of the Clan showed up at 8:00. i went to park my car in the extended lot and unpack the bags.

i felt burning on my legs, holy shit, ANTS . not just a few but millions of those little bastards. i utterly had to undress right there to get them all off.

got loaded up and off to the airport, too early.

once on the plane lauren was in awe. then her ears started hurting, but she fell asleep. glad we packed the ear meds. got to orlando and it was a rat race to get to the disney express counter. too many chiefs.

i found it and got us all checked in.


got checked into the hotel and then off to the gift store, had to get lauren her goofy hat.

we ate at the food court and then took the bus to downtown disney.

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Cheri Pryor said...

Love the pic of Lauren with the dalmatian. So cute!!