Tuesday, June 10, 2008

disney trip (day 4) hollywood studios

monday june 2, 2008
Hollywood studios

i really enjoyed this park. Lauren did too.

first off we went and rode STAR TOURS.

Lauren loved it. she was still afraid it was going to be like space mountain, but she loved it.

after that we went and saw Muppet's 3-d. it was so 80's but good. when we were walking out, OMG buzz and woody were standing right there. cool beans!

we had a quick lunch and went to the other side of the park, ran in to SIL and BIL. Fred went with them to ride tower of terror. no way they are gonna get my ass on that. so i called mom and checked on cookie.

well Fred loved the ride....what ever , just hearing the screams freaked me out.

so i went and rode rockin roller coaster with fred, andy , shane and savannah.

TOTALLY WICKED! 0-60 in 2.5 seconds total darkness except the black lit signs. jamming away to aerosmith tunes. that rocked.

okay they talked me into riding tower of terror....the fear that overcome me once in the shaft was so crazy. never if we ever go back to WDW i will never ride that again.

so after prying my hands from the bars in that elevator shaft, me, lauren and savannah went to ride star tours for the 2nd time. lauren would not shut up telling savannah all about the ride, during the ride. i have a feeling when lauren grows up she will be one of the star wars nerds.

we grabbed a bite to eat and it was time to go, but lauren was upset....why? well she wanted to ride star tours again, so off me and her go. NUMBER 3 ride of the day.....


AshleyS said...

that rockin' roller coaster is the best one ever!

Leslie said...

that park is pretty cool. The Rockin' Coaster is the bomb! That's the only way to ride a coaster IMO...speed and really loud music in your ears the whole time! You're a better person than me...I never would set foot on that elevator.

Mona said...

I am with you on the NO Tower of Terrors!! That ride freaked me out 12 years agaon and I am NOT getting back on it!!

Amy said...

I love that park too. I'm excited about Animal Kingdom and Everest. I've never been to it.