Wednesday, August 02, 2006

we are on our way...

well, everything is going as planned with the house getting moved.
the stress level has decreased in size and i can sleep at night.

the ground work is done as of yesterday.....woo hoo!

next is for the concrete dude to come out and do his thing. should start today but i'll have to see when i got home.

sewer tank is in order , i just have to call tara when the house in on the lot and all they have to do is 3 hours of work and i'll be flushing......lol

the elecrtrical company should be out during the beginning of next week to run the lines and the poles for service.

water company!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeekkk! i have to go by there some times soon for them to set started. $400.00 for the meter and a $60.00 deposit....barf! but hey we will need water.

the house should be delivered as planned before september 4...crossing fingers.

it will be so nice to have a house, we have one now, but this house is newer and has tons of room.

will update later...

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Nancyroo said...

yay! good for you! enjoy your new home.