Thursday, August 31, 2006

Deadlines and stress

I really could spit fire right now!!!!

I am so damn mad and stressed....

1. Ok the "house mover" told me last Thursday that the house will be moved Tuesday the 29 the.....

2. I call him Monday to verify the next day appointment and he tells me this shit story and that we could bank on Friday....Ok I understand and I will see your ass Friday the 1st of sept...

3. I call Wednesday to check on things for Friday.... He tells me Monday the ...what the hell!!!!!
ok I am a easy person to get along with but this is bull shit!

4. So today I call him after looking at the weather channel and local weather cast and it will be raining Monday....................!!!!!!!
I call him and tell him, his response is this! " I have other jobs I need to complete and your next on the list" god bless his soul should that house get stuck in the mud.

I am so hot and mad that he is screwing with me! dh just calls me to call him, I wish he would take some control on this, but knowing dh this would stress him out more then me and I can not take that right now.

so in short......
should I not update my blog Tuesday September the 4th ...I will be in jail.

wonder if there is internet in jail???


Oscar T. Grouch said...

oh fuuueeyyy, after all my hard work of holding back the rain for you too.


Jes said...

well that's just shitty.... if he can't promise a date, he shouldn't open his mouth! i hope it works out, and for his safety, he gets the house moved pronto!!!