Thursday, August 03, 2006

what a scare!

great neighbor 1/2 mile down the road luckly the lady that just bought the house down the highway calls a mutual friend we share and the friend calls me a work to tell me that there is a grass fire by your house.
ok so i tell her i will be home in 15 minutes and for her to call 9-1-1....so walking out the door i call my fil on his cell and he tells me he was burning some trees this morning and it was under control..??
me: where are you at?
fil: at home eating lunch, why?
me: i just told sky to call 911 about the fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fil: i will go check it out , i was just burning some small trees. no big deal. i am sure she is just seeing the smoke...i'll call when i get there!

the storyk, my father in law was in the field next to my house burning some old trees that fell down from the storm.....so he "sees" the fire is under control and leaves! to go to his house 4 miles away to eat lunch?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so he calls me back within 5 minutes and is holloring over the sirens and coughing from the smoke! fil: lori, the fire got out of control!
me: What the hel*!!!!!!!!!! no sh@t
fil: yes , but it is all ok! they but it out, man, i got close to the house too!
me: ( now) how close?
fil: like 20 feet or so. none to worry about
me: i 'll be home in alittle bit.
fil: no need the guys got it under control..so here i sit at work wondering what the heck was he thinking? he's a retired farmer and should know better. gosh! i sh*t in my pants worring about all the scrapbooks and all the pictures and other old things that can not be replaced....and to top it off what would have happened if it did catch the house on fire? omg!and i still have 4 weeks to move in the newer house!sorry for the rant but the stress and heat is literally getting to me!

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