Thursday, August 24, 2006

Update: house

Well, I just got word, the house will be moved Tuesday the 29th. (weather permitting)
oh, the stress is rising again and I feel butterflies in my stomach. Just to be able to go home one day soon, and not have to worry about house things will be so nice.
the electric company came out yetersday and installed the poles. They will return today or Friday to run the lines.
we have decided to paint the paneling in the living, dining and kitchen at this moment. Money is running low and that is something that can be replaced later. As far as that kitchen!!!! I will need to hire a designer to do that later also, it is horrid...gag.

so that's the scoop today and hopefully I will be able to update a few more times before the big day. crossing fingers for no rain for the next few days

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