Tuesday, July 11, 2006

a-z of me!

stale blooger! haha! nancy roo....

A: attitude - i have one....
b: bitch - what the guys in the shop call me...oh well!
c: caring - i care a lot about my family
d: dork - what christy calls me...lol
e: eat - i love to eat Chinese
f: fred - the love of my life
g: glue - i need tons in my LO's
h: house - i still needd a mover
i: ice - i love the ice from sonic
j: jackson - i love that name for a boy
k: kacomi - i get to meet her this weekend
l: lauren - the apple of my eye
m: more - i always want more pp
n: nancyroo - thanks for the push
o: optimistic - i alway look toward the future
p: play - something i need to learn to do with dd
q: quit - i need to quit smoking
r: read - i miss reading stephen king novels
s: silly - that's me
t: tuesday - that's today
u: umbrella - i never use one..i love the rain
v: vacation - i need one
w: wednesday - that's tomarrow
x: ??? i hate that letter
y: yellow - i love that color
z: zodiac :aquarius

thanks nancy!


Nancyroo said...

You're welcome! And you are so NOT a bitch! you're a sweetie!

~Denise aka NYNative said...

Girl, I'm cheering you on... you can do it! No more smoking, one step at a time! Have fun this weekend!

Cassandra said...

You say bitch like it's a bad thing--hahaha! cool list--and good luck kicking the nasty sticks, puff mamma!

KKstock said...

I LOVE YA!! Bitch....whatca talkin about girl!