Friday, September 01, 2006

Some things are just beyond control

Today is sept 1st. Only 4 days to get house moved and I have to deal with this shit.

I went home at lunch to get some paper work for the house move. I grabbed the insurance papers the mover gave me .
I decided to call the ins. Co to re-verify that he has insurance to move the house....The key word is "re-verify".

so I call, and talked to the same lady I talked to before in June.
she tells me that he does NOT have insurance to move the house... " What?" yes you heard me.
I chewed her a new asshole and hung up.

so I called the mover and left him a message that he has one hour to call me back. And has till 6:00 today to bring me back my money (5000.00) in cash or cashiers check.

what in the world am I going to do? I feel like god is punishing me for all the terrible things I have done in the past.

on the up side fred handled this better then i expected pissed off, but better then i expected.

so i call other house movers....get this the wait os 14-18 weeks before they can come out and give and estimate.....

the house is paid for. the slab is paid for.
oh god, please save my soul, for i know where the mover lives and i am thinking bad, thoughts which included torture.

so looks like if this dork, shithead doesn't call me back i will have no other choice then to go to the d.a.'s office and file charges. looks like i will be going to jail after all. just 3 days early


Oscar T. Grouch said...

I f you are gonna go to jail make sure it is for something really really really good. I wish there was something I could offer, but I just do not know.
Take it to the media, get some publicity, get someone to offer to help out through the media. Is there a trouble shooter with a local TV station. Get Fred to get mad, very very mad.

Cassandra said...

man! I am so sorry! I hope this works out for you....and fast!!!