Monday, December 08, 2008


well, Lauren surprises me again.

when that kid wants to do something, she does it.

she just turned 7, and for about 3 years she has had this bike.

she never, NEVER rode it.
she hated the training wheels and hated the bike.

well Friday i get home and she tells me that Saturday morning she wants to show me something.

i think, "oh, man, another farm animal, a new dog, cat?

so Saturday morning, bright and early.

she grabs her bike.

(i should have noticed it under the carport when i got home Friday night)

and she mounts her pink bike, and SHE IS OFF....WOW!

just like that.

after i let my numbness fade, i asked fred when she learned this.

he said she got on friday afternoon after school, fell once and has never stopped since.
now, she wants a new bike for christmas....
( i think she needs to ride this one till next year)


LesleMora said...

How cool! She looks like she's zooming!

Patti H said...

love her pink bike!! Go Lauren Go