Wednesday, December 10, 2008


it's 11:35 am. i just eat lunch. white pizza and a cup of chili and hot cocoa.
i just sit here , day dreaming.
i love christmas. my second favorite holiday in the world.
i love traveling to my dad's and seeing lauren get excited about seeing her cousins.
i love the christmas mornings, waking lauren up and tell her SANTA came last night.
seeing the sparkle in her eyes is awesome.
i love giving gifts and seeing the reaction of my good shopping skills.

i love the smell of HAM in the oven and tasting that sweet slab of meat.
driving around looking at the lights on the houses, can't beat that.

hearing the salvation army bells when you step out of your car in a packed parking lot.
the crying kids in the toy department wanting toys, and crying when momma says, Christmas is coming soon.


Anonymous said...

I love it when it's not 70 degrees on Christmas! And I love our Christmas breakfast.

Patti H said...

love your post Lori!