Monday, December 22, 2008

great weekend: of sorts

the story of the weekend:

friday: running late, i had to be at lauren's school at 2:00.
i ended up leaving work not at 11:30 but at 1:00, due to problems at work and payroll issues.
but got all that done and headed home. oh, CRAP! gotta go get the grocery list for Pops.
so i ran home, changed clothes and headed to Rabideaux's meat market.
then hurried to get gas and off to lauren's school, for the Christmas party.

left there and got home to finish packing and load up stuff.
fred called and said he had to work late....everyone left early, but him and a semi had to be unloaded......and he was bitchy cause i was running late....HA.

so we leave the driveway at 4:00 sharp. ON THE ROAD.
we get on the interstate and hit a major jam at the I-10 bridge....15-20 minutes lost...but we got thru it! smooth driving thru beaumont and great time on Hwy 90 west of beaumont.
then we are on time and doing PERFECT till...........
liberty, texas. 6:10 PM
WTH? the traffic was stopped. not just a crawl but STOP!
i take HWY 90 to houston, due to the fact i hate houston I-10 traffic, and really on a friday evening. so we wait, and wait more...45 minutes later, still not moving and waiting, fred has to potty and i call dad, we have to back track a bit and go to I-10 from liberty, via another small highway.
but it can be done...( I NEED A GPS)

so on the dark, curvy road, boom, there is I-10...yeah! WOO HOOT!
so on to the interstate and heading west again.
we drive maybe 10 miles and OH SHIT! another stand still, by this time i am so sick of this trip.
there , we sit again. not a wreck , but from 5 lanes to two....

so we chill out and make it.
finally 610 loop! getting there.
there is I-45 north, we can make it!

i turn on the radio...what ya know! it's a station out of liberty texas.
the jam on hwy 90, was BAD! at 6:05 PM a lady was crossing the 4 lane highway and got hit by a car. she died at the scene....HOLY CRAP! fred kept saying, thank God we stopped in beaumont to potty and then the traffic in lake charles, that could have been us.

we got to dad's, it took 5 hours....normally 3 on a good day.

so my brother and his wife and their 3 kiddos where there already, they came from dallas.
so wonderful to see those kids again...i did not realize how much i missed them till then.

we woke up saturday morning and ate breakfast. then took the kids to chuck e cheese.
5 kids in CEC....crazy.

got back to dad's and opened gifts!
Nate my cute nephew is 2. dad got all the kids these huge Mickey and Minnie mouse stuffed figures.
nate opened his and looked at it and said" look! Chuck E Cheese!"
he is a riot.

lauren got a cupcake maker deluxe and could not wait to get home to "cook".

fred got a gift card and some "cute" blue mickey slippers....

i got GUITAR HERO! Aerosmith version with TWO controllers!

we left Sunday early afternoon...got home and started to unload.
something was eerie...no barking.


fred walked out and no cookie. his cable runner had snapped and he was gone!

i was pissed, IDIOT dog.

i unloaded the car, got lauren settled making cupcakes and headed out in the dark, cold night, to look for the idiot dog.

oh, cool, i hear barking, that hound dog bark that only cookie could make....across the street.
i drove down the driveway and headed east.
the house diagonal from use has a huge shop. cookie (idiot dog) was standing at the door barking his head off....

i yelled his name! COOKIE! (idiot dog)

he came, i opened the back door and he hopped in .
got home , cleaned him up and put him in his caged area.

then feed lauren. as i was washing clothes, fred came in an asked what i was doing...


he laughed. " i thought you would be dead to the world , playing GH."

me: " oh yeah! (idiot dog)

so i unpack the guitars, and hook it up.

for hours....i played, finally talked fred into playing....yeah, you know what....he kicked my butt.

so that means i have to practice and practice.....i will beat him.....
(thanks dad...)

so over all it was a great weekend.
and Christmas is coming!

note: will post pictures later...


Anonymous said...

we had a great weekend
Merry Christmas
Love y'll

LesleMora said...

Coolness! Can't wait to battle you! LOL Sorry about the traffic. I live with it almost everyday, so I know how you feel.

Glad yall had a good trip to Houston.