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Edward cullen

Edward cullen played by robert pattinson

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen was born the son of Elizabeth & Edward Masen on June 20, 1901. In 1918 at age seventeen, having lost his mortal family to a particularly deadly strain of Spanish Influenza, Edward found himself at death's door. Whilst recieveing treatment in Chicago, he came under the care of the enigmatic Dr. Carlisle Cullen. His mother had made a final wish that the young doctor do all within his power to prevent the death of her son from the same disease. It is unclear whether or not she was aware of the fate she was asigning to him. Dr. Cullen complied with her request the only way he knew how: by transforming Edward into a vampire.Presently, Edward resides in the wintry town of Forks, Washington with his "adopted" family: Dr. Carlisle and Esme Cullen, sisters Rosalie and Alice, and brothers Emmett and Jasper. He attended Forks High School, sharing the graduating class of Isabella Swan, human daughter of Police Chief Charlie Swan. Despite more than one hundred years of strict abstinence from human blood, upon meeting Bella he was barely able to resist the urge to feed on her. The unique, potent aroma of her blood proved to be a powerful temptation, awakening the dormant beast within and very nearly destroying the life the Cullens has constructed for themselves.In degrees, Edward learns to overcome and to control his thirst for Bella, and his fascination quickly evolves into passionate adoration. However Bella's penchant for becoming embroiled in dangerous situations weighs heavy on his conscience. When Bella is part of a near-fatal accident involving Tyler Crowley's car in the school parking lot, Edward intercedes and Bella gets discovers his extraordinary physical strength. After he rescues her again, this time from a gang of would-be attackers in Port Angeles, she begins to realise that strength is only one of the strange gifts he posesses. After this incident, the two become inseperable and their love continues to grow and evolve into something profound. Edward finds himself unwilling and unable to stay away from Bella, though he fears that he is exposing her to danger and is soon sharing the secrets of his families various "powers" and their individual histories.Edward's gift is that he can read minds, hearing peoples innermost thoughts. He has never encountered a person who is immune to his power... Until Bella shows up and he realises that her mind is impenetrable. At first this infuriates him, but it is also the catalyst for his obsession with her; How and why is her mind a mystery to him?As Bella comes to grips with the truth about the Cullen family, she continually begs Edward to turn her into one of them. She dreads the fact that she grows older than him day by day, and sees her humanity as more of a curse than a gift as she is pursued by all manner of supernatural assailants.His brothers and sisters include Alice, who can see the future, Jasper, who can control your emotions, Emmett, who has supernatural strength (even for a vampire), and the amazingly beautiful Rosalie. Though most of them trust their natural instincts and avoid her because of her sweet smelling blood, they eventually adjust to the change and support Edward's feelings for Bella. They are all vampire offspring of the mysterious Carlisle Cullen and his vampire wife Esme.While Jasper and Emmett's parents remain unknown, Rosalie and Edward talk of their parents occaisionally. Alice is from an asylum and doesn't know who created her nor does she remember her past human life.Edward is described as being impossibly beautiful. His face is angular and perfect--high cheekbones, strong jawline, straight nose, and beautiful, perfect lips. His hair, which is always in casual disarray, is an unusual bronze shade inherited by his biological mother, Elizabeth. As a human, his eyes were an emerald green. He is said to have a dazzling crooked smile. He stands 6'2", has a slender yet muscular body, and is physically 17 years old.

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