Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am back

so friday morning was crunch time. do we leave or do we stay?
i mean my thinking was to stay...no big deal...but there is always
that little voice in the back of your mind. the storm could shift,
it could come here.
they put a curfew up at 10am friday morning to 6am saturday...dang!
so we packed up and headed to lafayette, more like Breaux Bridge.
and camped out friday night. this was the sky friday about 6pm.

we were under tornado watches all night friday and all day saturday.
we kept in contact with family in houston and in iowa. friends called
to check on us and it was nice to talk to someone...
saturday i had a bad case of cabin fever so we went to walmart, just to pass time.
thank goodness all three of us love to color in coloring books...
so we decided saturday we would go home sunday noonish.

so saturday morning we got up after a good night sleep and started to pack up.
we knew we did not have electric at home, but it's time to go face the music.
we left breaux bridge around 11:30 and filled up the tanks and got on the interstate.
it was hard to head back west toward home due to the fact of all the utility vehicles
in the right lane.
i was in awe at the amount of utility trucks headed toward texas....i lost count after 100
but from: MI, MO, VA, MASS, IN, and others.
i felt peace seeing those trucks and proud to be an american, were your fellow
brothers come to your aid in a crisis....aWESOME.
then i see this:

it rained like hell for 30 minutes. i swore i heard hail, but it was hard rain....

so we got home to see the damages.

tree limbs down, swing torn to hell, and the roof messed up.

water still standing.

then the real world hit.

love bugs, ants, mosquitos. and no power. we got a generator and a window A/C unit.

plugged in the ice box and freezer.

got power monday around 1ish... life is good. i love were i live...but once in a while nature throws a fit....and that is okay.

so i am back to normal as much as possible right now.
i am really worried about my dad in houston. possible 3-6 weeks with no power.
his house was fine, but power is a big deal.
i might make a run this weekend to bring him supplies..


Stacy said...

I am so glad you are ok my friend!!! I hope your dad gets his power back soon too. That has to be hell. I guess small potatoes compaired to some but still.

Oh and I noticed your Eminem up on your blog for your music lol. Hmmm I wonder where that idea came from?

Cassandra said...

I'm glad everyone is okay. Everytime they mentioned the Lake Charles area on the news I got a pit in my stomach. Thanks for planning Coonfest OUTSIDE of hurricane season. Good Luck getting everything back to normal and thanks for the update!

Kristin K Stock said...

I am so glad my little Lori is ok. I have been so worried about you and have been just saying lots and lots of prayers. Thanks for the update sweetie! Love ya!

Oscar T. Grouch said...

thanks for the update, I have been worried.

Patti H said...

I too am so glad you all are okay and getting back to normal life. I hope your Dad's power is recoved quickly. Don't you have a good friend in the electricity business that could pull a few wires for you? LOL

AshleyS said...

So, so glad you are home safe and sound with power back on. Hopefully your dad will get some relief soon!!!

Cheri Pryor said...

So happy to hear you are ok and relatively "unscathed". Hope your dad's life is restored soon. That Ike was a scary dude....I panicked for you all day Saturday watching the radar for that damn thing!

Mona said...

Glad you made it back OK. I amm also so thankful for all of the out of state utility workers who are here helping us!!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Glad to hear you are getting back to normal. Hope the bugs take off soon!

LesleMora said...

Glad your house fared well and that yall got power back! :hug: