Thursday, September 25, 2008

i am loved by many

sounds a little like an ego problem, right?

well, no. think about it. think of all the love you get everyday.

at least once aday someone is thinking about you.

if you really think about it, it's AWESOME.

the above picture is a gift from a friend.
i am currently in a swap. a monthly sister swap.
it's been so much fun. you send to the same person once a month,
and you recieve from another every month.
well i am really enjoying sending goodies to my sister.
it's fun to get to know other people.
well the person sending to me FLAKED.
no big deal. because it's all about sending to me.
well, NANCY ROO!
thank you for the awesome gift!
i opened it up last night and was in awe!
i have never tried the glimmer spray before! cool!
and i love the 7gypsy's tapes! WOO HOO!
then the book! WOW! recipes on layouts!
thanks nancy for thinking of me and caring about me!
YOU ROCK !!!!!!!
and from now on oscar the grouch will be my sister


Stacy said...

awww that Nancy....she is awesome!

~Denise AKA NYNative said...

that's awesome!
Scrappy friends rock!

Teresa Loop said...

Awww! Now how totally cool is that?! I've been flaked on every swap I've entered, so I quit! =)

Mona said...

That is awesome!!! You are so sweet, Nancy!!!

Patti H said...

you are going to love the glitter mist. Make sure you shake it first LOL.

Patti H said...

btw do we know the person that flaked on you?

Leslie said...

ok so I wanna get on this swap! when does the next round start and where do I find the info? email me would you please.

that's some awesome stuff you got there.

Anonymous said...

How generous of her :) So sorry that your pal flaked...boo on that!

Anyway, I just found out we're going to be teammates for Scrap Whispers and i wanted to come pay your blog a visit :) Looking forward to working with you!