Monday, October 06, 2008


stale blog...

i have been doing good.
getting ready for halloween.
lauren wanted to be a cheetah, then a black cat (again), now an indian.
so i just got back from the costume store once again...this is it.
she can not change her mind, now.


LesleMora said...

So she's gonna be an Indian? Emy wants to be Hannah Montana, so really, all I have to do is buy a blonde wig, right? I think I'm gonna make Max and Ian go as Max and Ian.

Mona said...

lol - I can relate to the changing of the minds!! Kristin is Gabriella from HSM and Kendall is a Barbie Princess.

Patti H said...

This is another reason why I was glad Matt did not like Halloween!!

Cassandra said...

Spencer is going as Darth Maul. He tried to talk to me into buying a Storm Trooper costume last weekend-- but uh uh, I already spent $50 on Darth Maul buddy!