Monday, February 23, 2009

mardi gras weekend

we traveled to Lafayette this weekend. for years my dad has invited us to go there for mardi gras, well, this year we went. SO glad we did, a great time we had also.

yes, us cajun's dress up our dogs for the season.

this is probably this Best picture of the weekend...

my dad, tatum and lauren waiting on the first parade to start.

my bro, Harley...aka: bro-man, bling bling...8 pounds of gold.

the loot
no candy, it's all about the beads

it's hard for the guys...one parade down
over all, it was a great weekend...next time, i will pack clothes.


Anonymous said...

we had a great time
and yes bring spare clothes

Anonymous said...


Patti H said...

what fun!!