Thursday, April 16, 2009

big update

wow!! poor little blog, neglected and almost forgotten.

were to start? well, Easter was great...my dad and the Houston clan came in on Saturday.
dad cooked some AWESOME burgers and the kids had a great time. i enjoyed the visit and getting to know Elliott more, what a cute baby.
Easter Sunday: went to church, i was finally able to wear that cute brown pink polka dot dress Fred got me a few months ago...church let out early and we headed home to start the cooking.
Fred's family showed up on time! WOW! it was nice to visit and again i ate way too much!

Monday: Fred called me at work to let me know that his brother and family would be moving back to Louisiana...shocker! but i am blessed...really blessed, Fred and i were able to afford and move out of the old house and that leaves a place open for them to move in to...
they came in on Tuesday and dropped off the horses. they will return for good on may 1st.

i am looking forward to a visit to Houston on the first weekend in may and seeing the zoo or what ever plans dad has for our visit...
that's about it, nothing too crazy..just enjoying the calmness of life and being able to work in the yard finally

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is it did and no pictures
see you soon