Monday, April 14, 2008

hi there!

what a good weekend.

friday night we hung around the house and watched STAR WARS. how funny it is to see lauren watch a movie i enjoyed as a small child. she loves chewie! (he was my favorite too!)

saturday we slept in and went to the movie to watch NIM'S ISLAND. what a great movie. i enjoyed it. then after we went shopping for WDW clothes. well, I did. i got all shorts and a few skorts and shirts. next weekend i think fred is gonna go shopping for his and then we have to shop for lauren.....

sunday we went to church and JESSE DUPLANTIS was preaching. it was nice to hear him and i got a lot out of his surmon. then we went to eat at lauren's favorite place, MCALISTER's, i hate that place, only because you have to wait 20 minutes for a freaking sandwich and they changed up the menu and the one i loved is no longer on the menu, but lauren likes it is all that matters.

we got home and i mowed and fred did too, lauren and i jumped on the trampoline and i double bounced her and her knee hit her nose! she is fine now, but i got scared she broke her nose.

we watch the last episode of star wars and got ready for bed.

i actually cleand out my prima flowers, geez! i got a lot of flowers. and this week i plan on hitting the pattern paper and sorting through that. i need to condense my stuff so that i can scrapbook more and stop buying.

i need to stop collecting paper too. that's a big problem with me.

i am doing good on my 150 layouts challenge i am at 25 right now and it's great. i want to be able to get a new desk or paint the old on i have.

well that's about it for now. i have to get back to work and try to make some money.

see ya soon, i hope to blog everyday this week, but we will see about that.

oh and i wanted to share this layout i did of my dad.

so here dad enjoy this. i know you will love it. it's all about fashion and your beloved ham.


Oscar T. Grouch said...

holding my hand high, I will take your cleaned out prima's LOL and your BG, LOL LOL

laurensmom said...

oh no ! no BG will leave me! lmao!
but maybe some primas

Cassandra said...

Spencer loves Chewie, too! (and the baked potatoes at McAlisters)

Patti H said...

I hear ya about cleaning out!

Anonymous said...

thanks Lori
Love dad

Leslie said...

we love Star Wars around here too. My son just became hooked on them in the past couple of years. He loves Anakin the best I think...I like Obi Wan (but only because I can drool over that hottie of an actor that plays him~Ewan McGregor). I'm getting ready to get into my scrap stuff and do a major clean out before our move. It's a must each time, not that I can part with much LOL