Thursday, April 10, 2008


well i am really sick of being sick.

2 more days of wrk missed and i am still not outta the woods today.
the thought of eating makes me gag. i have drank at least 5 gallons of
water in the past two days and a case of 7 up.
and a box of crackers.

but at least lauren is better, it sucks feeling sick and having to take care of a sick kid too.
at least her's passed quick and she wanted to go visit mimi tuesday.
yesterday i washed all the bed sheets and lysoled the whole house.
i scrubbed all the tubs and cleans everything she and i might have touched and replaced the tooth brushes.

yesterday once that was all done i relaxed and watched some tv. then at 2:30 had to go get her from school.
we then went to the hospital to go see wayne. he had two more stints put in his heart. at 5:45 he was out and the doctor said all went well. we went into recovery to go see him and he looked good.

he will be home today.

i just home i can make it through the day with out something oozing out.

at least it's thursday. 1 dayto go


Cheri Pryor said...

No wonder I haven't seen you anywhere....here, there, anywhere! Big hugs and prayers for quick healing...and that it doesn't come back. =) *kiss-kiss*

Nancyroo said...

gosh! I hope you are better soon.

Patti H said...

Geeze Lori! You sure have had a full plate of illness lately! Enjoy your weekend!!