Wednesday, August 08, 2007

weekend part 2 (christy and Jim)

friends? naw i would say long lost family! jim and christy were awesome. what a great pair of jokers. i was scared to meet christy and nervous about the "GUNS", but they made me well welcome and so nice...christy popped my bra after only a few minutes at the store, jim signed my ball jacket and i got flashed on the first night....but they will deny....but i did.... and monika "mom" gave me the ad of jim and got him to sign it....way cool!
one day florida will be visited by Lori #1 and i will have to make a trip to see my new buddies. i love you two very much. and i miss y'all dearly

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KKstock said...

I agree I just LOVE those two!! What a CUTE picture here!!