Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Running with the Pigs

omg! i love piggy, collect them and they are all over my house. but since saturday night i will never be able to look at my piggy's the same.....

on the way back to the store from eating at a bbq joint we decided to go and take pictures with these pigs that are in this field next to the interstate. then we see this sign that says private property no trespassing....oh no we are going to get in trouble....so Lori jack decides to jump the gate and run for the pigs, Ashley s is tripping out about going to jail should the cops come, and Patti is laughing her ass off at Lori "porking" the pig..... oh my gawd, we all about peed in our pants. then Patti, Monika and i dared to run out there and give it a go......then Patti takes off like a bat outta hell toward the truck and she is a track star.....hauling ass! all i can here is christy yelling "look at patti run" so funny.

so were all get back to the store and amynnn tells us that it's okay to take pictures with the pigs....so much for that adventure, but so funny and fun, i WILL NEVER forget the day we

ran with the pigs


Nancyroo said...

that is too funny! Glad you all had a good time.

KKstock said...

OINK! :)