Wednesday, August 08, 2007

weekend part 1


lorijack and i drove up to Dallas friday morning! great drive up there! we even drove by texas stadium, but troy was not there...LMAO...

then to the store: BLOWN AWAY! totally, totally wonderful to see all the ladies from last year and all the new ones....then kristin stock is sitting her ass right there and i did not see her! i was shocked.

then i got to finally meet my Mom and my Auntie Cheri....love them two ladies....they rocked my world.

seeing everyone was over whelming. i was in awe at the emotions i was feeling.

we picked up Oscar at the airport friday night and that was a chore in it self. leslie rode with us and i was so nice to meet and chat with her. then i had to keep kristin a secret from oscar till we got back to the store...that was a chore in it self.

awesome to see those two together.


KKstock said...

I love you Lori!! Look at me smilin at you :)

Cheri Pryor my user name is cheripryor said...

Loved meeting you, too!! I'm so happy you got to kiss my tattoo =)

Leslie said...

ahh yes the airport adventure! I loved getting to know you better. I felt as if I have known you all my life...I'm honored to be able to know you and call you friend.