Friday, June 29, 2007

I have been tagged

by the ROO of nancy!

I am supposed to post 7 random facts about myself.
Then I am supposed to tag 7 people.Here they are:
1- My favorite drinks are iced tea and cherry Coke.
2- My favorite season is winter.
3- I love scrapbooking.
4- I cannot stand the feeling of a needle. hate pointed things.
5- I have a passion for the show "Rob and Big".
6- I love to travel.
7- My favorite ice cream is fudge brownie nut.

i tag:
sj diva, christina, leslie c. , lesfitz, neen, ashley s, lilly


Nancyroo said...

thanks for playing! I hate the winter!

Becky said...

I lOVE Rob & Big LOL