Wednesday, June 20, 2007

hanging in there

yes i am . Paw-Paw is still sick, looks like he will no be leaving the hospital after all.

house is done except getting the carpet replaced which reminds me i need to call the installer. "where is my carpet dude?"

went to court about the dork house mover, got the judgement signed and looks like it's just a waiting game now to know when we will get the money back.

summer is here and i HATE it . i loathe the heat....

Lauren is enjoying the summer playing in the pool and swimming, yes she swims now! AWESOME....

just a few short weeks till august. i have the scrapfest and the two kristin's comming in for a whole week, it's gonna be awesome to see my friends.

have a great day. hope to check in sooner then later

1 comment:

Oscar T. Grouch said...

I am sorry about your Paw Paw. I didn't realize he was ill.

Loath the heat, eh, I would like a day without rain.